Where To Buy Chattam And Wells Mattress

If you’re unsure where to buy Chattam and Wells mattress, we will talk about their retailers in this article. We’ll also go through some common FAQs when purchasing from this brand. Furthermore, you will see which models from Chattam and Wells suit you best. 

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where to buy chattam and wells mattress


Who Sells Chattam And Wells Mattresses

The best way to find where you can buy Chattam and Wells mattresses is from the brand directly. Try the retailer finder of Chattam and Wells on their website so you can see if there is the nearest location to your area. For example, those in Chicago can visit Rolandos Furniture or Wrights Pontiac if they are in Illinois. 

Other than checking the brand’s website for authorized retailers, the following stores also sell Chattam and Wells mattresses:



US-Mattress has 30+ mattresses from Chattam and Wells that you can choose from. What’s advantageous with buying from US-Mattress is that they sometimes have coupons to help you get as much as 20% off. The store also provides free delivery and a 120-night trial with the Chattam and Wells mattresses. 

US-Mattress is the lowest price-guarantee mattress retailer, so you know that you’re getting the best price on the bed you want. Financing is also available if you prefer this payment method. And if you don’t want to shop online, there are many US-Mattress stores to choose from. 


Metro Mattress

According to Metro Mattress, they are the largest retailer of Chattam & Wells in the world. It is a family-owned business in New York, and they are even the largest mattress specialty retailer in Upstate NYC. Furthermore, you can either shop in person, online, or via a call with Metro Mattress so you can select which is the most convenient. 

As for the catalog, Metro Mattress offers 40 Chattam and Wells mattresses. You can also quickly know if the store has the model you want in stock for delivery or trial at the store. And if you instead pick up your Chattam and Wells mattress, you can do so in one of their stores or warehouse. 


LA Mattress

If you want a free memory foam pillow and metal frame with your mattress purchase, buy your Chattam and Wells mattress in LA Mattress. This store includes a deluxe pillow and heavy-duty bed frame, and other services such as next-day White Glove delivery are also available. However, this store has fewer Chattam and Wells mattress models compared to others. 

Do you happen to live in LA or Orange County? It’s possible to get your mattress delivered on the same day for only $99. Just make sure that you order before 3 pm, and the Chattam and Wells bed you want is in stock. 


Mattress Pavilion

Did you know that you can buy a Chattam and Wells mattress for a cause? Mattress Pavilion has ten models to choose from, and they also offer a 120-day price match guarantee and a 120-night trial. But best of all, they provide a part of their profit for Furry Planet.

What is the Furry Planet? It is the shelter that Mattress Pavilion aims to build for Military personnels’ pets and rescue animals. They are located in San Diego if you want to know more. 


Who Makes Chattam And Wells Mattresses?

Spring Air manufactures Chattam and Wells mattresses. The brand is proud to be the first American luxury product in 1996 and took a break. However, Californian customers requested that Chattam and Wells be back, hence the new and improved products from Chattam and Wells. 


Where Are Chattam And Wells Mattresses Made?

You’ll be pleased to know that the luxury mattresses from Chattam and Wells are made in the US. And what even makes these beds more special is they are hand-crafted. One of the best features of Chattam and Wells mattresses is that they are hand-tufted.

Hand-tufted mattresses are advantageous in terms of durability and comfort. The feel will always be consistent because the tufting method keeps the materials from bunching. Therefore, you will maintain the ideal mattress structure for constant support and comfort. 


Are Chattam And Wells Mattresses Organic?

Chattam and Wells have a Latex Collection that uses 100% natural Talalay latex. This material is Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified, and the brand also combines it with GOTS-certified fabric. If you want natural and organic beds, here are the best organic mattress brands.


Are Chattam and Wells Mattresses Worth It?

Chattan and Wells mattresses are worth it, especially if you want to try a luxury bed. These beds are handcrafted in the US with the finest materials, so you know that they will last long. Furthermore, users note that Chattam and Wells mattresses are helpful for pressure relief to ensure that you won’t develop body pain.

Nonetheless, the best mattress will always vary for every user. If you have the budget for a luxury mattress, you can always indulge in brands like Chattam and Wells. For further tips, here is how much you should spend on a bed



And that’s it! To recap where to buy Chattam and Wells mattress, you can use their retailer finder or try the four stores we listed above. They are US-Mattress, Metro Mattress, LA Mattress, and Mattress Pavilion. Consider checking each store to help you decide where to get your bed. 

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