Where Can I Buy Beaded Curtains? 2 Best Options For You!

Curious where can I buy beaded curtains? Either online or just your local store. You will know more about this as you read along.

Curtains are pretty, but beaded curtains are even better. These can make your interior decoration look good.

A bead curtain would make your life even better—one by just looking at it and, of course, by its real purpose.

Curtains are essential in one’s home. It makes everything secure, private, and mesmerizing at the same time.

You must know that curtains can act as a divider, shade, or even a security wall for you.

It will keep your life private and unbothered by outside agendas. You can do your thing confidently.

Another is that curtains will help you in making your room look good and even better when presented.


where can I buy beaded curtains

Where To Buy Beaded Curtains?

In buying beaded curtains, you have to actual choices, but it will depend on how you prefer to shop otherwise.

During this pandemic, you will think twice about how and where you should buy your needs.

But then that is not a big problem. We got you covered.

This article will give choices and options to you.

You have to find what is more convenient and practical for your preferences and availability.

One thing that concerns you most is your place and location if it has access to what you need.

Where can I buy beaded curtains?

Anyways, here are two options for you to choose from:


Option #1. Buy online

This one is efficient and safer for this time of the pandemic, as most people would want lesser contact.

In this way, you will have various choices and many shops to visit by just scrolling through your phone.

Another good thing about it is that you will be away from conversing and showing up to other people.

There are risks like getting scammed or so when you are shopping online. But then you can avoid those.

Some sites have been reviewed, making them a reliable page where you can find good beaded curtains.

They also provide star ratings for the products purchased, and it also has reviews attached to it.

You can make this your basis for the item you will purchase, although it is not guaranteed safe.

It may arrive more than what you expected or not meeting your expectations, although your goal here is to make things good between your lifestyle and have a practical option.


Option #2. Go out and stroll

This one is the best thing to do during pre – covid era.

Shopping in malls, etc., is way better than online shopping.

You can check your items, and you can see them eye to eye; you will recognize the material and the quality.

Ask for assistance with the information you will need upon choosing the design you want.

There are salespersons in every area to help you and help you get the thing you want most.

But then you can always go through all the possible choices you can see along the aisle.

Shopping personally is one good thing, but given the situation that there is a pandemic, it is not a good choice.

You might face people who are infected or those who got exposed to the said virus.

The possibility of transferring the virus to another person is high.

There are people known to be asymptomatic.

A person or two would not know that they do have the said virus in their body.

They feel strong because their immune system can fight off, as others who do not have a strong immune system will be in trouble.

When you are living with a baby or someone old, you should lessen contact with other people.

That age range has more chances of catching the virus due to building and weak immune system.

That is why shopping in person is not advisable today.


What size curtains should you buy?

In the case that you have no idea about what size curtains you should buy, here is an answer for you.

You may check this out. It is stated there the conditions you have to remember when buying your curtains.

Upon buying, you have to make sure that the curtains are the incorrect size of your windows.

You will need to have extra along the sides, top, and bottom areas of your curtain.

As you wish, you can have hems, rod pockets, overhang, and many more in your curtains.

One good reason why you have to know the size of your curtains upon buying.

Beaded curtains are elegant looking, but it is better when you got the correct size for your window.

The next thing is that when you get the size of your curtains, always remember to put an extra on each side.

That way, it will not look off or short.

Now, that is where I can buy beaded curtains.

That is all.



And now we are done with this article. We hope that you learned a lot in this one.

Good thing we have answered, “Where can I buy beaded curtains?” at least it is now clear.

You can always seek opinions and extra knowledge when you are not sure.

How to wash white sheer curtains

How To Wash White Sheer Curtains? 3 Easy Steps!

How to wash white sheer curtains? You will need laundry soap and water, of course.

But since it is a white curtain, we’re going to need to be extra careful when washing it.

As a maiden of my family, I know I was tasked to do the laundry, especially when I don’t have anything to do.

Who doesn’t want a clean curtain to hang around?

They do not only give you privacy and shade from the sun that comes through the window.

They also give your room some vibe and feels of style. So cleaning it is as essential as having a new one.

Well, when it comes to washing curtains, there are some things you must remember.

You are not only washing them to be clean but also to be reusable.


Curtain Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, there are several factors that you might want to consider.


Things To Consider To Wash White Sheer Curtains

Here are some things to do and to avoid when cleaning your curtains.


#1. Dry cleaning

Curtains are made from different types of fabric.

So you will have to know which type yours belongs to.

Sure it may be made from washable fabrics, lining, and seams but these fabrics could also shrink when you wash them.

So to play it safe, have them dry cleaned.

Your curtain may have some ornaments and designs that are not suitable for washing, so this is a better option.


#2. Special fabric types

Since there are numerous types of fabrics, some special fabric like velvet for your draperies needs only to be brushed and not washed.

Another is silk fabric; when washing this, use lukewarm water or a cold one.

Never wrung the water out or twist it.


#3. Sun damage

The sun can be a problem sometimes, especially when a particular fabric is exposed to direct sunlight for hours.

So when you are drying curtains made from these unique fabrics, make sure to hang them dry in a clothesline or the dryer.


#4. Sheer curtain

Wash the sheer curtains regularly; even they don’t look that dirty.

The dirt and specks of dust that attach to the curtain can cause discoloration.

Mostly sheer curtains need a gentle touch when cleaning so make sure to soak them in cold water with mild detergent before washing.

Washing them will take no more than 10 minutes, including the drying process, so that it won’t take that much of your time.


Steps To Wash White Sheer Curtains

So, how to wash white sheer curtains?

Follow these simple steps to make those sheers of yours good as new.


Step #1. Preparation

In sheer washing curtains, check the fabric care description found on the manufacturer’s tag if you purchased the curtain.

If the tag says that the curtain must be dry cleaned only, take them to a professional cleaner.

Although if you made one yourself, you’ll just have to know what type of fabric the curtain is.

Upon knowing the fabric type, determine whether it is suitable for hand washing or good for washing machines.

A tip-in washing old sheer curtains? It is better done by hand.

Remove the hooks and any draperies’ hardware before cleaning them.

You may have to dust them first before wetting them. This reduces the work.


Step #2. Hand washing

If the fabric or your sheer curtains are suitable for handwashing, here are the steps in handwashing them.

The first thing to do is to fill your basin with lukewarm water and gentle laundry soap.

Strong smelled laundry soaps might ruin the fabric.

If you are going to use a powder laundry soap, make sure to dissolve it in the water before putting the curtains.

After putting the curtains on the water, leave it off for a minute.

And agitate the water so that the dirt will come off the curtain.

Remove the water as much as you can by pressing it.

Do not wring the curtain nor twist it.

Place the wet curtain on a clean flat surface with towels to absorb excess water. Hang them dry on a window or a clothesline.


Step #3. Using a washing machine

If the fabric is fine by a washing machine, use one for efficiently cleaning it.

The first is to fill the washing machine with warm water and add some mild detergent.

It’s the same one with hand washing.

Put the curtains and layer them evenly in the water.

Soak it for 10 to 15 minutes with the washing machine set at a delicate cycle.

Next is to remove the curtains after the washing cycle is complete.

Tumble them dry with a towel, just like in hand washing.

You can also place them in a dryer for a few minutes.

Place some clean and dry towels together in the drier for faster drying.

Having towels inside will prevent the sheets from getting wrinkled up.

There will be less ironing to do.

Remove the sheets from the dryer while they are still a little damp.

Re-hung them using the hardware they are attached to before.



Now that you know how to wash white sheer curtains make yours as good as new.

You can also use a fabric conditioner for a more fragrant curtain.

Just make sure to rinse it well.

Also, keep in mind to never combine the colored ones with the white ones.

There may be some fabric that, when wet, color fades and mixes with the water.

Then your white sheers will become colored ones.

Please take note of these reminders to avoid mistakes when you wash them all by yourself.

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