Where Can I Buy A Beach Blanket Online: 3 Remarkable Options

Can Amazon and Target answer the question, where can I buy a beach blanket online? Yes! These websites and so many more carry high-quality coverings perfect for your next beach outing.

You will be fully packed for your vacation! You can enjoy the best comfort and convenience of a good beach blanket.

where can i buy a beach blanket


What Is A Beach Blanket?

A beach blanket can also be called a beach mat, and it’s a piece of cloth that you lie down on at the beach. They are a staple during any summer trip.

They are durable and resistant to heat. These sheets will also protect your skin and belongings from being covered in sand.


Are Beach Blankets Necessary?

Can you imagine yourself lying down on the sand for hours? Of course not! Your skin will get irritated by the heat and the rough texture of the sand.

That is why beach blankets are essential. They help you mark your specific spot on the beach for sunbathing and having a picnic. Nobody will impede on your space when they see your colorful cloth!

Beach blankets are also easy to carry around, so you won’t have difficulty bringing them with you. Some even come in their own carry bags, so it will be just like carrying a comfy backpack!


How Big Should A Beach Blanket Be?

A standard beach blanket should be able to fit 3 to 4 people. It measures 79 x 58 inches, and it’s great for a small group to chill and relax.

If you have a large group or family, though, you can go for the 12 x 12 feet blanket. This one can fit 10 people comfortably; you can invite whoever you want when you have this sheet!

There is a wide variety of sizes. It’s the perfect addition to your trip that anyone will love.


What Is The Best Material For A Beach Blanket? 

A good quality blanket must be made of good material. It has to be comfortable while being wind, sand, and water-resistant. There are many types of materials you can choose for your blanket.



Fleece is an excellent choice for a beach blanket material. It is lightweight and comfortable, so you can bring it anywhere. You can add other materials like polyester to the fabric to make it water and sand-proof.


Parachute nylon

Parachute nylon is an excellent choice for beach blanket material. It’s durable, sand proof, and waterproof. It’s also a lightweight material, so it’s easy to carry around.



Polyester is a synthetic, water resistance material, and it can be used to make beach blankets. You need to make sure that the blanket you have has a high thread count, ensuring your protection from the seawater and sand.



Microfiber is another durable and absorbent material made of polyester and polyamide. The polyamide makes the blanket absorbent and soft, while the polyester makes it water-resistant.

These different fabrics offer varying levels of protection. It’s your choice which one you think is the best for you.


What Are The Best Beach Blankets To Buy?

Remember that the best beach blankets are sand-resistant, water-resistant, comfortable, and sturdy. There is a wide variety, and it can be confusing to choose which one is the best! Here are some of the top picks of beach blankets among consumers and where to buy them.


CGear sandlite beach blanket

This blanket is made of polyester, and it’s waterproof. It’s large, lightweight, and can easily be ordered on Amazon. You can even hand wash it!


UrbanEco beach blanket

This blanket is also made of polyester. It’s quick-drying, sand proof, and waterproof! It measures 107 by 77 inches, enough for eight people! You can also check it out on Amazon.


JJ Cole water-resistant blanket

This blanket is ideal for smaller groups, it can fit 3 to 4 people, and it can also be used on picnics! It’s great to bring along on outings!

You can find quality beach blankets at a reasonable price in almost any online store. You just need to know what you’re looking for, the size, the material, the strength, and the weight. With so many types of blankets, you are sure to find the sheet that suits you best!


How To Care For Your Beach Blanket

It’s best to wash your sheet with cold water on the gentlest cycle in your washing machine. Put it away from other fabrics, and avoid fabric conditioner.

Multi-layered beach blankets must be hand washed to keep their shape. It will also protect the glue that’s used on the layers.

When you are finished, hang your sheet out to dry. If your washing machine has tumble drying, put it on the lowest setting to protect your sheet.



Beach blankets are great to bring along on trips. Naturally, you want the best quality sheets for you and your loved ones.

When the time comes that you think to yourself, where can I buy a beach blanket, then look no further! The vast selection of online stores that offer excellent quality sheets are sure to satisfy your needs.