When To Plant Pansies In Oklahoma For Success

If you doubt when to plant pansies in Oklahoma for success, do it seven weeks before your area’s last frost date. Knowing your hardiness zone will give you an idea of when to expect your location’s first and last frost date. Oklahoma is rated zone 6 to 8, so find your area’s exact zone and mark your calendar accordingly. 

In Oklahoma, you will grow pansies as annuals to suit the climate. You can also choose from different colors of flowers, and you can expect them to thrive even amidst cold weather. Still, treat them like how you’ll cultivate other plants and provide the optimal growing conditions from start to finish using a greenhouse.

When To Plant Pansies In Oklahoma

Knowing the timing for planting is only the beginning of the successful growth of pansies in Oklahoma. Use a greenhouse to monitor the proper temperature and other environmental factors to keep these beautiful plants happy. 

When To Plant Pansies In Oklahoma Correctly

The best time to plant pansies in Oklahoma for success is seven weeks before the last frost. However, you can plant as early as February or March in Tulsa. More so, you can also grow pansies in September and still guarantee good results. 


Seven weeks before the last frost

Gardeners praise pansies for surviving winter production compared to less hardy plants. However, you still want to plant them seven weeks before the last frost in Oklahoma. You can even grow much earlier, considering they are very tolerant of frost. 



If you live in Tulsa, you can begin planting pansies as early as February. Greenhouse growers can do this because they have more control over the environment. Otherwise, you can grow in March if you feel like it’s too much risk planting outdoors.



If you want to plant pansies much later in the year, growing in September will still be optimal, and you can expect a good result. According to experienced gardeners, planting later than this date would be risky. Overall, the trend you’ll see here is that if you have a greenhouse, you can plant pansies without the risk of setbacks.

Do note that the last frost date is basing on the USDA zone, which means that you still have to monitor the conditions since the weather can be unpredictable. If April 15 is the average last frost date in Tulsa, you should always consider that the date can be later than this. Planting pansies for fall is also common in Oklahoma. 


Caring For Pansies In Oklahoma

As mentioned earlier, pansies will still thrive amidst cold weather. This is why it is one of the most popular plants for fall, winter, and early spring in Oklahoma. When the temperatures begin to cool in Oklahoma, that is when gardeners start planting pansies.


Optimal temperatures

When caring for pansies, you can maintain the daytime temperatures below 75°F and nighttime temperatures below 60°F in the greenhouse. Using a greenhouse makes it easier for gardeners to control the temperatures and adjust accordingly, depending on the weather. But where should you grow them?


Ideal location and maintenance

The beauty of pansies is that you can use flower beds or even containers for growing in the greenhouse. You can also add some color along your sidewalks, yard, or patio pots since pansies will thrive in them with proper care. As for the feeding and watering, you will fertilize them in the winter to grow and produce. 

Like other plants, ensure that their soil is well-draining, and they are not dehydrated. If you notice that they look unhealthy, you can cut back old flower heads to maintain a healthy flourish. You might also enjoy the fact that pansies are not vulnerable to pests and diseases, meaning you can enjoy their beautiful blooms without worries. 


Why Use A Greenhouse For Pansies?

If you want to ensure that you’ll get high-quality and healthy pansies, you can assume that controlling their environment will guarantee this result. The greenhouse makes it possible for you to ensure that the conditions indoors are optimal for these colorful and eye-catching blooms. So what makes high-quality pansies?

You must understand that temperatures and light both play a significant role in pansies’ growth. To cut to the chase, cool temperatures and high light levels will support quality pansies, while their opposites can result in low-quality flowers. Those looking at these flowers’ cultivation as a source of income should feel secure with their plants to be consistent in quality. 

Lastly, it’s worth noting how detrimental summer can be towards pansies. The extreme heat of summer, depending on your location, will inevitably lead to leggy plants with harmful blooms. The greenhouse gives you the ability to use a cooling system that will keep pansies happy and healthy.



Being in growing zones 6 to 8, Oklahoma gives gardeners many options to grow plants. If you want something beautiful yet hardy, consider pansies, but be aware of when to plant pansies in Oklahoma for success. Mark your calendar seven weeks before the last frost to support pansies.

Afterward, you don’t have to worry much about caring for and maintaining them because they are hardy amidst weather, pests, and diseases. Still, using a greenhouse will save you any potential setbacks from the inconsistencies of outdoor conditions. This will guarantee healthy and high-quality pansies for you to enjoy and maybe even become a profitable livelihood. 


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