When to Get Maternity Photos: Pros and Cons of Popular Times

When should you get maternity photos taken? There are many times when it is appropriate, but there are also many when it isn’t. This blog post will explore when to get maternity photos and the pros and cons of each time.

When to Get Maternity Photos:

When to Get Maternity Photos

Maternity photos are a great way to document the time of your pregnancy.

They can be taken as early as several months into your pregnancy, but they do not have to stop after you give birth! It is common for women that want more formal maternity photoshoots to book their session around 36 weeks or later so that there is less chance of them going into labour before being able to show off those adorable baby bumps.


Here are some tips on when and where:

– You will need an afternoon with no plans or obligations since most sessions last between two and four hours.

– Find somewhere comfortable – remember how pregnant bellies feel at this point in gestation! This may mean staying close by if you live in a city.

– Make sure you are in comfortable clothes without any constricting waistbands or high heels since they can make for very uncomfortable photo opportunities!

– Bring a pillow, blanket, and water to keep yourself hydrated during your session. You will be sitting down most of the time but pregnancy is still hard work so do not underestimate how much energy it takes! If you need an extra break between poses feels free to take one.

Your photographer will want you feeling energized and refreshed at all times since pregnant women tend to lose their glow about halfway through sessions due to fatigue from carrying around such a large load (no pun intended!).

– A great idea, if you live near some open space, would be choosing somewhere outdoors like a park or garden for your maternity shoot. The scenery will be beautiful and you can get some lovely nature-inspired poses done easily!

– If the weather is not so good on the day of your session do not worry as this does happen sometimes. You might feel more comfortable indoors or want to use a space that is familiar to you instead, which would make for a great maternity photoshoot too!


What happens if the baby is born before maternity leave?

If the baby is born before maternity leave, you will need to take your PPL immediately. The best time to do this is during the standard 12 weeks of paid parental leave that are available for use by either parent.

You can start using any or all of these weeks as soon as the baby has been born and within 52 weeks after birth (which includes pregnancy).

If you return early from PPL due to unforeseen circumstances like premature delivery or if both parents die simultaneously then you may be able to receive additional money through Government support payments called Paid Parental Leave- Single (PPLS) which provides up to $466 per week until your child’s first birthday.

If neither parent dies nor does there appear anything unusual about the employment situation, then the mother will be eligible to receive her normal PPL allowance.

Paid Parental Leave- Second (PPLS) provides up to $466 per week for a maximum of 26 weeks if you have any unused entitlement from your Paid Parental Leave – Single, or 52 weeks if not.

You can start using this time after you use your 12 months’ maternity leave from work and within 52 weeks after birth (which includes pregnancy).

Keep in mind that these payments are taxable income so it’s also wise to check with Revenue NSW for more information about what steps need to be taken when collecting government support payments during parental leave.

If both parents die simultaneously then one parent may apply for Government support payment called Paid Parental Leave- Benefit ( PPL-B) and must be:

•The primary carer of the child or children at least until they reach 12 months (which can include time after death),

•In receipt of a Government supported income for over 26 weeks, and

•Not already receiving Parental Leave Pay.

You may also like to consider how you will manage unpaid leave from work as this impacts eligibility for State support payments such as Paid Parental Leave – Single (PPL-S). This is because once you start using your PPL entitlement then you mustn’t exceed 52 weeks’ total absence from employment unless there are exceptional circumstances relating to health issues or caring responsibilities.


Does maternity leave start the day the baby is born?

In the UK, maternity leave starts from the day of birth. It can start as early as 11 days before if a baby is born prematurely. This leave cannot last longer than 52 weeks and mothers must take at least two weeks off after returning to work or they lose those rights to annual holiday time which has been accrued over previous years of employment with their employer.


When you should stop working when pregnant?

Some women are not able to work during pregnancy and some have no choice but to do so. If you still think that working is the best option for you, then there are certain things which must be considered before continuing your job as usual. Keep in mind at all times that your safety and health are important above everything else! 

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