Tips on When Should You Schedule Maternity Photos

When should you schedule maternity photos? This is a common question pregnant women ask. To help you answer such a question, we have prepared this in-depth article. Read on.

Maternity photos are a great way to document the changes your body goes through during pregnancy. It’s a good idea to schedule these sessions after 30 weeks, so you can capture those last days of a baby bump because it will be gone before you know it!

When should you schedule maternity photos

Maternity photographs should also be taken within two months from delivery as well so that they coincide with our photography session for family and newborn portraits at home as soon as possible after birth.

Many mothers use this time as their first opportunity post-partum for some alone or couple maternity shots if they have not done any other form of photographing their pregnant belly before. As always we recommend scheduling early in advance (at least by 32 weeks) to ensure availability since I’m constantly booking up with clients across the country.


When choosing a maternity bra, think about how often you plan to breastfeed – if it’s going to be every day then choose something designed for breastfeeding – such as an underwire nursing bra or T-shirt style nursing bra – which will provide better support than a non-underwired version. You’ll need more than one so buy two at least before getting pregnant (one for now and another later on).

Also, look out for plain cotton styles with no fussy details that might irritate sensitive skin. The key thing here is good quality elastics in strong fabrics without rough seams. The best place to shop for maternity bras is online, where you can compare styles and prices.

There are lots of different types available so it’s helpful to know what they’re all called before ordering your bra in a specialist shop or department store:

a) Nursing Bras – designed for breastfeeding with an underwire that helps prevent milk ducts from getting blocked. The clasps sit between the cups allowing them to be opened completely when undoing one side at a time which makes life easier if you are carrying your baby around while feeding.

Some have drop-down cups but this isn’t essential as most nursing mothers lift their babies higher during feeds than dropping low enough for modesty reasons (you’ll see why later).   A good fitting nursing bra will allow you to breastfeed discreetly in public, by lifting your top to feed or opening the bra cup.

b) Mastectomy Bras – these are usually lined with silicone pockets for prosthetic breasts and some have additional pockets inside each cup which can be used for soft foam inserts too – perfect if you need extra volume/shape after surgery.

These bras come with an elasticated under-band so they’re very comfortable to wear around the house but may not offer enough support during exercise or when moving about a lot due to their looser fit than most other types of everyday bras.

They also don’t give any uplift at all, even on smaller busted women who might still struggle without an underwire providing lift from below.   If you choose to wear one of these bras, you should still invest in a good quality sports bra for exercise or any other time that you need more support.


What can I do about stretch marks?

Stretch mark treatments are at their most effective during or just before pregnancy so if possible try using them beforehand!

However, there are still many ways to get rid of stretchmarks even post-pregnancy such as with creams & lasers! There are also injectables but these typically cost over $1000 per treatment so they aren’t accessible to everyone. Make sure that any practitioner you go see has a good reputation and is board-certified.


What should my diet look like during pregnancy?

Your diet will change throughout your pregnancy to give you the nutrients that your baby needs.

In early pregnancy, it is important to focus on foods high in folic acid and iron as well as calcium-rich foods for healthy bones and teeth development. As the month’s progress, more emphasis should be placed on protein and energy-rich foods (especially if exercising).

Foods like eggs and lean meats are great sources of these necessary nutrients!

Although eating a balanced diet during pregnancy will make sure your body gets what it needs, there will also come a time where many women crave certain types of food such as pickles or ice cream which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat them but just means those particular cravings may not need any attention.


How do I know when my water has broken?

When your water breaks, it is a release of amniotic fluid from the sac surrounding your baby. The amount varies and can range from a few tablespoons to several cups at once.

You may not even know when or if you’re leaking because oftentimes this happens in the very early stages of labour and before contractions begin. If you are unsure whether or not your water has broken, contact your doctor immediately for advice.


What should I eat during labour?

As soon as your doctor gives their OK after checking with hospital dietary staff about what’s available on-site, do whatever feels good! Some women find that eating light meals such as toast and fruit allows them to keep up energy levels while others prefer liquids like tea, coffee, broth, and juice

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