When Is The Best Time to Take Maternity Pictures? Tips for New Mom’s

Pregnancy is such a special and wild time in your life. Document it! If you’re stumped about when to take your maternity photos for on-point, pregnancy glow-up pics then read this article because we have ideas on When is the best time to take maternity pictures


When Is The Best Time to Take Maternity Pictures

So when is the best time for maternity pictures?

Your belly is full enough

The best time to capture your pregnant form is during the third trimester. The glow, bounty, and magic that comes with being able to nourish another living creature should never be forgotten. Maternity sessions are all about capturing this undiluted essence of you.

The third trimester is a yin and yang for most pregnant women. You still feel great, can move pretty comfortably, and enjoy the ultimate sensations of your baby’s motions in the first half; however, there’s also that other side where sleeping becomes challenging because you’re feeling cumbersome as well as extremely tired at night-time due to all those new demands on our body (i.e.: adjusting hormonal levels).

By aiming for that window between weeks 32 and 37, you can celebrate the contours of your body – during a time period when it’s still feeling great but not pregnant anymore.


When you can move around comfortably and safely

The majority of my maternity photo sessions take place in beautiful, outdoor locations around the Bay Area (no light is better than that provided by Mother Nature). So your physical comfort and safety are a top priority.

When you’re pregnant, your body undergoes some profound changes. One of the most notable is that as soon as 36 weeks have passed – or sooner if things are moving along smoothly with no signs of complications insight- your belly becomes too big for its own good! This can make holding poses with ease become difficult at times and limit movement significantly more than before pregnancy did so throughout all three trimesters

When you have time to receive a gift certificate

A lot of professional maternity and newborn photographers offer gift certificates. And most baby showers take place during the end of the second -or beginning the third trimester which means you can enjoy being showered with gifts from friends, family members, or work colleagues in time for using them.


What do I wear to the maternity photo studio?

Mamas know that the best way to feel comfortable and show off their bump is in a fitted maxi dress. These dresses are flattering, reducing belly restrictions which allows you plenty of movement as well as giving mama’s complete self-confidence.


Avoid large patterns because they can be distracting for some people who might not want attention drawn away from a baby bump or even distract them too much during pregnancy – go with solids instead if possible but don’t forget about small detailing like lace which will make up most parts on any given outfit so every piece matches together beautifully no matter what size.

When you want to really show off your belly, make sure that the skin around it is moisturized with lotion. This will help any IRL pictures look shiny and hydrated!


What is the best pose for a maternity photo shoot?

Maintaining an air of professionalism is crucial for photoshoots. A good way to do so, without feeling too stiff or formal in your demeanor? simplicity!

A successful shoot requires careful prepping and planning-but it’s not always possible when you’re fighting off nausea from being on camera all day long (and there are plenty out there who would disagree). One thing that helps calm my stomach before you start shooting: Drinking lots of water helps you stay hydrated throughout the period of capturing those memorable moments.

Touch your belly! Don’t be shy about it. Let the world see what’s growing inside you and embrace that joy with open arms, as if they were filled to capacity by love- child or children at heart (or maybe even just one).

Resting on one shoulder blade while cradling another side in hand can make for sweet photos where all eyes are drawn into focus – whoever holds themselves upright will always look more powerful than those lying still against their partner’s chest– but whatever feels right is truly perfect.


How many maternity bras do I need?

You’ll need at least three bras during pregnancy and three after you give birth so that every day is easier. If trying to buy a maternity bra early on may be the only option for some time then these unstructured soft-sided or sports bras might do just fine until your pregnant body needs full coverage again. Maternity clothing like dresses can also double as nursing clothes when the big change comes.

A bra extender is a great way to make your bras last longer. They attach easily and cheaply, so they’re an affordable option for getting more life out of the ones you buy early on in pregnancy or even before.

You might also consider borrowing maternity bras from a similarly sized friend or sister. This is another budget-friendly idea that will help you get more life out of the new bra styles while saving money at the same time.



The best time to capture your bump is during a period between 28-36 weeks. This also happens to be the point in which you feel comfortable enough for cute belly pictures before being too close to the delivery date, but there are no hard and fast rules here! If it’s really digging on what kind of figure 7th or 8th month has got going then snap away.

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