What Temperature Is C Setting On Water Heater? 3 Factors Affecting It!

What temperature is C setting on water heater? The C setting on the water heater thermostat corresponds to 140 to 150 degrees. The temperature varies depending on the water heater brand and model you have. Nevertheless, the standard temperature value of a C setting in water heaters is 150 degrees.

Have you recently bought a new heater for your household? Are you new to the appliance? You may see some indicators such as letters on the thermostat and don’t know what these letters mean. Don’t worry because I’ve got you all covered. This article will discuss all the temperature settings found in your water heater thermostat, where it is used, and how to adjust the temperature to fit your needs just right. So sit back, relax, and read until the end of this article.

What temperature is C setting on water heater


Checking The Water Heater Temperature Setting

Some water heaters have labels in their thermostat that tells the exact temperature setting that you want, but some don’t. The latter is usually marked with letters that correspond to various temperature levels. So if you are to check the temperature of the water, grab a cup and a cooking thermometer to measure its temperature. Let the water heater set for an hour without using it and turn the faucet closest to the heater. Let the water run for at least a minute. It is to ensure that the temperature of the water is at the maximum. Fill the cup with the water from the faucet and dip the cooking thermometer to tell the temperature. Let’s know what temperature is C setting on water heater!


Setting The Temperature on Gas Water Heater

As I have mentioned above, there are indicators in the thermostat of the temperature settings labeled in letters. What do these letters mean? Most water heaters of this type are gas-powered water heaters. They usually have a knob-type temperature controller labeled in letters on them. Let’s find out what each setting means.

In most cases, the labels have low or warm, which corresponds to 80 up to 90 degrees, Hot or sometimes labeled as a triangle that corresponds to 20 degrees. The Letters A, B, and C are the following, which means a30, 40, and 50 degrees, respectively. The highest temperature setting is very hot, reaching up to 180 degrees. Some gas-powered water heaters may have a “Vacation” labeled on them; it does not make the water hot. Instead, it keeps the pilot igniter inside the heater ignited.

So, if you are wondering what temperature is C setting on a water heater, it may correspond to either 140 or 150 degrees depending on the model and type of water heater you use. Some use this setting for sanitizing the pipes and other appliances that use hot water, but I recommend you use 30 degrees or the A setting if you want to keep things tolerable by hand. Some of you are probably wondering what the right temperature to use is. Well, In my opinion, 150 degrees is certainly too hot for the water heater since it can cause the water heater to experience scalding. This temperature may also be too hot for the children to handle. Whereas a good 130 degrees may be just right for your family to use as bacteria can’t survive at that temperature.


Factors That Affect The Water Temperature

There might be instances when you did not get the right temperature, but you had the right temperature setting due to some factors that may affect your water temperature. Some factors include the distance of the faucet from the heater, the pipes’ arrangement, and the condition of your water heater system. Either of these three, you should be aware of how they affect your water temperature.


#1. Distance from the heater unit

The first factor we have on our list is the distance of the faucet from the water heater unit. How does it affect the water temperature? The longer the pipes are, the longer it has to travel from the water heater to the faucet where the water is needed. Sometimes, underground pipes may subject the lines underneath the ground to winter conditions covered with snow, making the hot water cooler.


#2. Pipe arrangement

Another factor that affects the water temperature is the pipe arrangement in your house. This factor affects water temperature is especially true if you have a big place where you may have to look for the recirculation system of the water. Doing so will lessen the time traveled by the water through the pipes as well as you can also save energy and resources. You may also want to read about how to clean hot water pipes.


#3. Condition of water heater

After all of those adjustments in the thermostat, it still doesn’t give you the right temperature you need. Try checking your water heaters’ condition. The problem might be with the water heater unit itself. Maybe you have to replace the heating element, or the thermostat needs replacement. Nevertheless, your water heater needs repair.


It’s a Wrap!

While most of you don’t know what temperature is C setting on water heater, after reading this article, I am sure you are now familiar with the several settings labeled in your thermostat. Nevertheless, if you want to keep your heater from overheating, I suggest keeping it at 130 degrees or A settings. This setting is what I recommend you to use to keep the bacteria off the water. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to test water heater thermostat and how to set heater thermostat.

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