What Size Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

Choosing the right size curtains for your sliding glass door can be a challenge. There are many different types of curtain styles and colors to choose from!

In this blog post, we will discuss what you should consider when choosing the best-sized curtains for your sliding glass doors. We’ll also provide some ideas that might work well in a variety of settings so you can find something perfect for yours!

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The first thing you should consider when choosing what size curtains for sliding glass doors is the length and width of your window. For example, if you have a small rectangular-shaped door then 54″x84″ or 84″x54″ would be suitable options – just make sure to include an extra foot on either side so that the curtains don’t touch the floor.

If your window is wider then you might want to use a longer length like 54″x108″. We recommend going with what feels right for how much room there is around each side of your door, but this will be different based on the size and shape of your sliding glass door!


One of the best ways to choose what size curtains for sliding glass doors are by considering which color you want. You have a lot of options, but before anything else, it might be helpful to think about what other colors are in your room and how they’ll look against that particular curtain.

For example, if you’re using red accents throughout your bedroom then a blue or purple curtain might not be the best idea.


Luckily, it’s possible to find good quality curtains for sliding glass doors at a variety of price points. In general, you’ll want to think about what your budget is before anything else because that will help narrow down which options are available to you.

For example, if you want a pair of curtains that are on the more expensive side then you might have to sacrifice in other areas like color or length.


What is a Sliding Glass Door?

A sliding glass door, also known as an accordion or patio door, consists of two full-sized panels that slide past each other horizontally. These doors are typically made from tempered glass and have no mullions. They can be purchased to fit any size opening, including large openings.

How to Clean Sliding Glass Doors

The doors on your sliding glass door are one of the most important factors of the functionality, safety, and attractiveness of your home or office space.

Steps to Clean Sliding Glass Doors:

Locate a squeegee with an extension handle in the storage area of your laundry room (or ask someone else)

Dip the sponge into the bucket containing soapy water

Squeegee off any dirt and debris from the sliding glass door

Rinse off any soap residue with a wet sponge or cloth to prevent streaks, then dry carefully


Tips for Preventing Sliding Glass Door Scratches:

Line the bottom of your sliding glass door track with heavy-duty plastic or rubber mat to prevent scratches on and scuffing of your walls, floor, furniture, etc. that get dragged by the sliding doors when they open or close

Close all curtains often as this will help keep dust from getting onto the sliding glass door surfaces

Keep the floor clear so that nothing is left to trip over when opening or closing your sliding doors


What type of Curtain is best for Sliding Glass doors?

A rod pocket curtain is best for sliding glass doors in terms of installation, and the depth or weight of the material will depend on what type of door it’s going to hang from


Tips When Installing a Rod Pocket Curtain:

Use mounting brackets that are large enough so they won’t slide down your wall over time.

Measure from the floor to the ceiling, so you know how long your brackets need to be.

Use a stud finder or drill holes into walls for mounting screws and use anchors when necessary


Can I clean my Sliding Glassdoor?

Clean your sliding glass doors with a gentle cleanser and sponge Spray the door off first, then wipe down with a damp cloth.

If there is any grit or grime on the surface of the door, mix up some dish soap in warm water to create an easy cleaning solution.


How often should I clean my curtains?

It’s recommended to clean your curtains once a month with an all-natural cleaning solution.

What Should I use for Curtain Rods?

You would want something that is going to be strong enough and not sag over time, as it can lead to the rod ripping into the wall.

There are many types of curtain rods that you can use. One popular type is the tension rod, which hangs on brackets and provides a very sleek look to your window.


What are some other things I should be aware of when it comes to curtain rods?

Make sure there’s enough space for the curtains to open up fully so they don’t get stuck on the rod.

You don’t want to have a curtain that’s too heavy for your curtains, as it can lead them to sag or causing breakage over time. It’s important not to hang any objects on the rods because they will eventually bend and you’ll end up with an unsightly curved rod in your