What Is The Best Solar Pool Heater? 3 Best Options!

Are you wondering what is the best solar pool heater? Stop wondering. You have arrived at the right place. We have found some best solar pool heaters for you, so you can easily pick up the best one.

The S601 smart pool solar heater, Facfo powered solar heating system, 4721 curves solar pool heater is the best option among solar pool heaters. Each solar heater has its working capability, energy efficiency, and safety features. 

what is the best solar pool heater

A summer splashing of swimming pools is one of the favorites, owing to the joy and pleasantly cool water. But, due to the clear cold water, we all avoid getting near the pool in the wintertime. This winter, though, it should not seem to be the same. Solar pool heaters are not only entertaining in the pool during the colder months, and they’re also ecologically responsible. Continue to read to discover more.


What Is A Solar Pool Heater?

The solar pool heater seems to be a cost-effective and easy method to heat the pool. However, you should test to see if the heater will create sufficient heat to keep the pool warm even in the wintertime. As we are all aware, solar heaters are powered by solar panels. Solar panels generate lower heat in the winter because they receive less sunshine. As a result, you’ll need a heater with additional solar panels or panels of a more extraordinary frame. 

This increases the heater’s effectiveness and allows it to produce sufficient heat to raise the temperature of the water. An above-ground pool also needs a more effective heater than an in-ground swimming pool. That’s the case because warmth travels through the top and sides of an above-ground pool. However, inside an inground pool, the dirt serves as an insulator, preventing heat from escaping through the edges.


The Best Solar Pool Heaters

Those mentioned above are the best solar pool heaters. We will discuss them in detail so you can easily understand what is the best solar pool heater.


#1. The S601 Smart solar pool heater

It’s no surprise that such an S601 Pool Solar Heater has been at the top of the best solar pool heaters list. Smart Pool has already provided reliable solar pool heaters for almost twenty years. The solar heater will heat it effectively even if you utilize an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool. The S601 pool solar heater heats the pool using primary sources technology. A header hole is present in each heating tube. It uses eight square feet of solar panels to increase the pool water temperature by about 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit (5-6 degrees Celsius). Every panel is Twenty feet in length and four feet in width.

The solar heater must be connected to a current water pump. These heating collectors could be positioned adjacent to the pool or even on the rooftop. This pump is simple to set up. However, you must purchase the assembly kit individually. It is not included in the package. Polypropylene is used to construct solar panels, which makes them highly robust. It also features fiberglass covering on top of the molded header. These characteristics help the product last longer.


#2. Fafco powered solar heating system

Fafco was among the first firms in the United States to create solar water heaters. The company does not use new technologies to make its goods more efficient. However, it implements minor changes to its architecture and adopts eco-friendly procedures to improve efficiency. This solar pool heater has 25 feet and a width of 3 feet. It provides a great swimming pool heating solution.

Fafco’s solar-powered heating system is suitable for above-ground swimming pools since it is ecologically beneficial. It has a diagonal mechanism to maximize its efficacy. If you tilt it 20 – 30 degrees to the southeast, it receives more sunshine. As a consequence, the swimming pool will heat up considerably quicker. When you execute this technique between 9 am to 3 pm, it becomes even more powerful when there is plenty of sunshine. I guess it’s helpful to read about the benefits of using solar heating system.


#3. 4721 curved solar pool heater

The game’s solar heater, the 4721-BB, has a distinctive curved shape that increases heat gathering. If you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, that heater can efficiently warm it. In just four days, a solar pool heater could increase the temperature of a 7000-gallon swimming pool by 4 degrees. This one is made possible by the heater’s distinctive curve shape. Compared to the traditional plain form, the curve design features more curves. 

Consequently, it accumulates additional heat and elevates the pool’s temperature. It also features folding and adjustable legs. One may move the feet and position the heater to receive the most sunshine. The heater also features a transparent cover that retains heat. This solar pool warmer was created using high-quality components by Game. As a consequence, the heater is exceptionally long-lasting. It can survive exposure to sunshine and other external factors frequently.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned what is the best solar pool heater. The above three are the best solar pool heaters, and you should read all the types carefully and choose the best one to heat your pool on colder days. It’s best to also know how to plumb a pool heater and how to size a pool heater. Thank you, friends, for sticking with us.

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