What Is Pillow Princess? Facts You Should Know!

Are you wondering what is pillow princess? Without it, your child may have an uneasy sleep.

Therefore, the positive effects of slumber will not fully show and, worse, may even do some harm.

what is pillow princess

Indeed, sleep is one of the major factors that get us through life, and if given a chance to ditch our responsibilities, we would much rather sleep than deal with the realities of life.

Sadly, due to the constant demands of trying to keep up with the world, we are left with a maximum of 7 hours on average.

This fact makes us realize that every second of sleep is of utmost importance.

Regardless, pillows offer headrest and backbone support even in our vulnerable, unconscious moments.


Why Kids Should Sleep More

You’ve probably heard your mother tell you to sleep more so you can grow taller? Which is quiet true.

You see, kids are at the point of their life where it is essential to get the most sleep.

Aside from the fact that they are still innocent of their surroundings, rest is the fastest way for their body to rejuvenate and grow.

To mess up their sleep would offer a lot of unnecessary problems in the future like high blood pressure, obesity, and even depression.

How do we promise our children the best type of sleep? The best comfort?

Many things may influence their sleep status, such as the bed, bedding, light, and of course, a classic pillow.

So, if you want to give your child the best pillow, try a princess pillow!


What Is A Princess Pillow?

What is pillow princess?

A princess pillow provides the same amount of luxury and relief that a regular pillow does BUT with a bonus feature!

You may have heard of the Disney craze that almost every child is into right now, particularly the girls.

Must you have gotten wind of Queen Elsa? Mulan? Belle? NO child living in this generation doesn’t have an idea of these characters.


Why Do People Use Them?

Due to the hype, a lot of children want to avail the highly demanded princess pillows!

Not only does it provide a cozy sleep, but your children will love to acquire a belonging with their favorite Disney character.

Another plus! Since your kids idolize the character, it makes them more excited to go to bed with their star.


How Big Are They?

Here are the sizes of a pillow princess that you can choose from:



These pillows are available in several sizes, like the standard pillow size, which is 20 inches by 26 inches, incredibly well known due to its versatility.

Its dimensions allow it to be easily compatible with most bed and frame sizes if not all.

Not to mention, with a smaller pillow and a larger bed space, you are subtly placing a boundary on how many sleepers can occupy the bed, based on the number of pillows.

That’s another trick that comes with this size!



Like its name, these are pillow sizes fit for a queen! With its surface area being slightly bigger than the standard, specifically 20 inches by 30 inches.

The queen pillow is providing luxury for its user with a wider range of comfort. I mean, go big.



The word big was the basis for making this giant pillow. If you are a constant believer in the phrase bigger is better, then guess what?

We found the perfect size for you. The King size has got to be the largest size you can wish for a pillow.

With its dimensions of 20 inches by 36 inches, it can quickly wow you with space it provides for your head.

However, if you find smaller sizes more suited for your taste, do not fret.

The king-sized pillow does not only serve as a sleeping necessity; it can also come off as an accessory!

Its vast area accommodates a lot of bed space, leaving no room for an awkward empty spot. You can place them right on the bed’s head post, untouched, and allow it to give your bed a more aesthetic feel.


For What Sleepers Are They?

Although princess pillows can easily accommodate everyone, I highly recommend them for tiny girls to young children.

This generation grew up on Disney movies and are well acquainted with Disney princesses, so a princess pillow fits to make your children feel like a princess or prince.

It can also help them have a peaceful and happy rest since they use something they genuinely like.

You can also use it to get your young ones in bed faster by casually mentioning that Queen Elsa is waiting for her royal subject to go to bed. Trust me that works.

The princess pillow is highly affordable and accessible. That is why some people will buy it without considering the sleeper.

Don’t worry!

Since this pillow works its purpose perfectly, any uneasiness for purchasing the wrong type of cushion can be solved by only covering it with a pillowcase.

There, problem solved! It is why the princess pillow accommodates everyone, no matter the size, age, or gender.


It’s A Wrap!

Pillows are a massive factor in getting a good sleep, which is also an essential factor for having a good life.

So, if you want to lead a comfortable and stress-free childhood for your child, we highly recommend the princess pillow.

Comfortable. Fashionable. Affordable.

What is pillow princess? It’s a child’s heaven within a pillow.