What Is A Wing Chair? 5 Best Areas To Place It In Your Home

In this article, we will provide you with answers on what is a wing chair. Some chairs are old and manufactured dated back over the years but are still in the market. A wing chair or a wingback is a fireside chair, sometimes known as an easy chair, an upholstered accent chair with “wings” on the seatback.

A tall-backed, thickly upholstered easy chair with armrests and wings, or lugs projecting between the back and arms to defend against drafts, is known as a wing chair. It is sometimes known as a grandfather chair or saddle cheek chair.

what is a wing chair

They made their initial appearance in the late 17th century when the wings were usually referred to as “cheeks” and gained popularity through several reinventions since then. Wooden legs and a fully upholstered body are standard features, while some types include wood side panels and backs, as well as scrolled wood frames along the chair’s edge.

If you are curious and want to know more about wing chairs, read on!


What’s The Purpose Of A Wingback Chair? 

Wing chairs are most commonplace in front of a fireplace. When positioned in front of a lit fireplace, these chairs will do what they were designed to do when first constructed in the 17th-century.

That’s why they’re frequently referred to as fireside chairs because they were once a popular choice for seating in front or flanking a fireplace. It is to protect you from both the direct heat of the fire and any breezes.

Cozy up next to the fire in a wingback chair with a cup of coffee is a genuinely pleasant and homey experience that will help even the most stressed of us relax in ease and comfort. Even if your heating system does an excellent job of keeping you warm, you might still enjoy curling up with a wing chair.


Where Can You Put A Wing Chair?

You can place a wing chair in certain parts of your house.


1. Living room

It makes sense that many people retain the chair in their living rooms because of its famous ‘wings,’. As we have mentioned, it is designed to block gusts of cold air and conserve the heat from a fireplace. One of the most elegant arrangements is to place two wingback chairs in front of the fireplace and a sofa on the other side of the room.

Adding a pair of identical cushions on top of them will help add to the home feels even further. I create a comfortable environment for entertaining or relaxing.


2. Reading corner 

A single chair may offer meaning to a tricky space thanks to its height and regal presence. When you pair a wing chair with a floor light and a small side table, a seldom-used corner of a room becomes a reading corner.


3. Dining area

Many dining rooms are arranged so that there are unutilized areas and wasted space as a result. It’s possible to set one in the corner and use it as extra sitting when you have company visiting, or to move one into the living room when more space is required.

Against the slimmer forms of more traditional dining chairs, their sensuous curves provide a playful contrast that draws the eye outward and makes the room appear broader.


4. In your door or entryway

A wingback in the foyer tells visitors that this is a warm, inviting home where they can sit back, relax, and stay awhile. It’s also convenient to have a place to sit when you are waiting for someone or even while you tie your lace.


5. Bedroom

Many of us have underused nooks and corners that go unoccupied in our bedrooms, and this space can sometimes be wasted. It is possible to connect the entire area together and make it appear classier with the addition of one wingback chair.

In the case that you’re fortunate enough to have an extra-large closet, place it there, and you’ll be sitting comfortably while putting on your shoes. Alternatively, designate a couch area in one corner of your room, which is ideal for reading a good book in the evening.


Are wing chairs still in style?

Yes, they are. Wing chairs or wingback chairs are still used today. They can still fit every house that wants to create a homey and comfortable feel to every corner.

Wing chairs may be old, but they can still be reinvented and designed with a few accessories. They can still fit even in the modernized way of organizing your living room, bedroom, or dining area. You only need to choose the right colors and design to fit your preferences.



It is a great idea to know what is a wing chair first before deciding to purchase one. We highly recommend buying it if you aim to have a classy feel to your home.

You can also try making a slipcover to make it more long-lasting. There are ways to reinvent a wing chair that you can try at home.

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