What Is A Power Red Blood Donation? 4 Surprising Reasons To Donate Blood!

Do you know what is a power red blood donation? A power red blood donation is a kind of blood donation that will let you donate two units of red blood cells. This kind of blood donation uses a machine that separates the red blood cell from other blood components.

We can presume that the people or recipients of our blood may have an RBC deficiency because this type of donation requires the red blood cell, often known as RBC or erythrocyte. Other blood components such as platelets and white blood cells are returned to the body when only the red blood cell is donated.

what is a power red blood donation

Some committed donors are not that available all the time; power red blood donation lets you donate two units of a red blood cell. So in one appointment, a donor can help two people.

Don’t worry. You will not suffer from fluid loss because when they return the plasma and platelets to your body, they put a saline solution.


Who Are Those Eligible And Not In Donating Blood?

Everyone can help by donating blood, but blood banks and hospitals do background checks and have specific requirements for anyone who wants to donate blood. For example, your blood type should be type O, or A and B negative, to be a suitable donor. These blood types had the highest demand in every medical facility.

The donor should be in good physical and mental condition and be ready to donate. There is also a height and weight restriction; donors must be at least 5 feet tall and weigh 130 pounds. You can donate every 112 days; that would be three times a year with at least six recipients. Meanwhile, these medical and healthcare facilities are also strict in their screening of donors. As a result, most people can’t donate because they are not considered eligible, physically ill, or live an unhealthy lifestyle.

People who exploit their bodies are not permitted to donate. Those with tattoos are also not permitted to donate; however, their most recent tattoo must be older than three months to qualify as a donor. Those who consume alcohol or smoke before donating blood are also ineligible. I guess you are also curious about what is presumed consent organ donation


How Important Is Blood Donation?

Every hospital relies heavily on blood. Simply donating blood, a blood donor can save lives. Blood can still be valuable and save someone’s life even after it has been divided into components such as red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma.

A power red blood cell is a kind of donation that can help people that lack red blood cells in their body, or their body cannot produce enough of it. The absence of red blood cells in our bodies can put us in grave danger.

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Donating Blood?

Maybe all of you are thinking that a blood donation can only improve the health of the recipient. But, to our surprise, donating blood can also improve the health of the donor.


#1.  Reduces the amount of dangerous iron in your body

Hemochromatosis, or iron overload, is a hereditary disease in which our bodies retain too much iron. If left untreated, it will do significant damage to our bodies. It has the potential to harm our heart, liver, and pancreas. This is an illness that you cannot avoid.


#2. Your cardiovascular health is maintained

Donating blood regularly can lower your body’s iron levels. A healthy level of iron in your body can lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. Because our bodies can only retain a certain quantity of iron, any excess is often stored in the heart and liver.


#3.  Analyze your blood for free

Before you may become a donor, you will most likely subject yourself to several examinations. Medical technicians can examine your blood for free, letting you know if you have anemia, HIV, syphilis, or other disorders that you can detect during a blood test. Many people take advantage of this type of benefit whenever a blood donation is scheduled in their neighborhood. However, the results and any findings regarding what they see during a blood test are very confidential, and they can only share them with the blood’s owner.


#4.  It makes you a hero

Some heroes donate blood rather than wearing a cape. We all have different reasons for donating blood, whether for the free blood test or because we know that reducing blood in our bodies also reduces iron levels, which is good for us.

Every blood donation is essential, whether you only donate your platelets or white blood cells. The majority of the diseases related to the blood are anemia; by being fully informed what a powerful red blood donation is, you also must understand why red blood cells are essential. Now, you understand what is a power red blood donation. You may want to read the 13 super health benefits of blood donation regularly.



Now that we fully understand what is a power red blood donation, we should make sure that this can also inform everybody. Of course, it can be just a peck of information, but as we, the minority, make some minor changes in our surroundings, it will surely be powerful as a collective.

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