What Is A Heater? 6 Amazing Selections For You!

What is a heater? It is a term used to describe a device that heats the air and rises out a top vent through convection.

It is one-hundred percent efficient in converting electrical energy into heat like an electric heater. It warms your room to make an occupant feel that it differs from one type to another.

What is a heater

Moreover, other heaters are more efficient when heating the area and minimizing the heat loss out in the ceiling; nevertheless, a heater is an electric appliance that provides more energy and more heat than the electrical energy it consumes. It works as it transfers heat from one specific location to another. In this article, you’ll learn more about comparing different heaters.


The Different Heater Selections To Choose From

Below are the different selections of heaters you might want to consider knowing before buying.


#1. Fan heater

This heater type blows out warm air, so you don’t rely much on convection. It is a better option to distribute heat rather than a convection heater. While this is quite noisy, it’s specifically with a small fan heater. A substantial electric heater blows a massive air and gradually warms the room, decreasing the warm air that rises to the ceiling.

This is an inexpensive heater when operated rather than a convection heater since less heat reaches the top. It distributes heat better but still, most fan heaters fight back temperature regulation. Most of them would blow when the thermostat has clicked off already. This air that blows makes the room feel more relaxed, like a desk fan that runs until the thermostat turns on the heating element.


#2. Convector heater

This heater works as it heats the air and raises out top vents through convection. It is much quieter than the occasional thermostat click. But the 3-kilowatt heater is higher in capacity and is relatively more significant than any other. After reaching the occupant, the warm air goes straight to the ceiling and escapes the upper wall and ceiling area. In effect, the heater is more costly when operated. This heater is also very inexpensive without its moving parts. It is impressive for its long lifespan.


#3. Oil-filled radiator

This heats the air as it relies on convection to lift and distribute heat. Then, it takes ten minutes before it warms up completely. Also, it provides a consistent heat flow. It is very effective to maintain a constant room temperature, safer when compared to a convector heater. A smaller heater promises safe operation right below the desk, as it radiates heat and makes a room feel warmer than a convector heater. This is true for a panel oil-filled radiator that is like a centralized heating radiator, but the variant free from oil increases up faster. But the thermostat cycle is more frequent because of the low heat retention. It is a heater type that is silent in its operation.


#4. Fan heater

This fan heater blows warm air, which is why it’s suitable for heat distribution. It is pretty noisy, especially with an undersized fan heater. The atmosphere it blows gives the room a more relaxed feel, the same as a desk fan.


#5. Quartz/halogen heater

What is a heater? But more than that, what also is quartz or a halogen heater? It is very effective in emitting less light. It radiates the heat in an infrared lamp. It also warms objects straight in the heater’s view. It helps give heat like in a workshop. It does not need waiting to heat the air. The halogen heater does not heat the air directly, but it operates continuously.

The infrared heat will get away from the room as it hits the walls, the windows, and more. This is why it is costly to operate it for long running times. It has a short lifespan because the halogen elements are similar to filament light bulbs. This provides instant heat while it warms the air, as this is more efficient as it warms the air rather than a ceramic heater. It makes a room feel warmer because of infrared heat. It is better to buy a separate halogen heater to operate it simultaneously, including a ceramic heater.


#6. Carbon heater

The carbon heater utilizes a lamp same as a halogen heater; only it has a carbon filament. It emits far-infrared heat and more medium heat when compared to a halogen heater. It is also more effective when you heat the human skin, as this is an economical infrared heating form that provides the same warmth as an open coal fire. Most of these carbon heaters focus the heat in a specified area in the room, like a single sofa. Some models can move back and forth, distributing the heat at the broader angle, like the oscillating fan heater. You may also be interested to know about infrared heater safety guide.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what is a heater. It is efficient when heating a specific area and bringing a more occupant feel. It is an electric appliance that provides more heat and more energy. The decision now lies in the heater you choose: carbon heater, quartz/halogen heater, oil-filled radiator, fan heater, and convector heater. You may want to read related articles; know why won’t my heater turns on and Pelonis heaters are safe.

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