What Happens To Clothes In Donation Bins? Amazing Facts To Know!

Are you thinking what happens to clothes in donation bins? Well, that’s an exciting thing to be curious about. It’s a nice day, you step out of your car and while struggling to carry that heavy bag of your old clothing and trying to maintain your balance, you walk towards the donation bin. And, right after you drop that bag in the bin. It’s nice to know some people are still aware and interested in these matters.

In this article, we have tried our best to incorporate all the necessary information regarding this topic. After reading this, we sincerely hope that all the questions floating in your head get sorted out and answered. Firstly, let us discuss the idea and practice of donating.

what happens to clothes in donation bins


What Is The Practice Of Donating?

When you donate, you are not expecting any returns such as money or goods. A donation is an act done solely to be good.


How can I make a donation?

You can donate the clothes in various ways. You don’t necessarily have to be a part of an organization or walk up to a donation bin to donate.

Believe it or not, you can donate by just giving some of your time to an activity done for a good cause; this is known as volunteering.

You volunteer to be a part of something that’s working for a good cause, and that’s it. So that right there is a donation you just made. Listed below are some of the other ways you can try to donate:


  1. Try donating your tax refund

Well, it’s a great thing that you get your tax refund. Now try looking at it from this perspective. The money being refunded to you has always been an amount you’ve considered an expense and managed to live without. So now, when you’re getting it back, why not try donating it to someone who needs it.

Just look around your house; you’ll probably find many things sitting around that you don’t need. And are just occupying extra space of your home. Try visiting your local donation center and donating them. Also, here’s a golden tip; instead of throwing something in a decent condition, only because you don’t need it anymore, try donating it to needy and poor people.

  1. Try helping a stranger

Well, yes, this small act is a donation too. You never know what someone might be going through, so your little acts of kindness matter significantly. For example, you might make someone’s day by just holding out a door for them.


What Is The Easiest Thing To Donate, That Does Loads Of Good?

Well, the answer is simple its clothes. Clothes are straightforward to donate. You always have reasons to get rid of a piece of clothing. The reason to get rid of it might be; the piece of clothing is not suiting your style anymore. Or, for kids, it simply might not fit them anymore.

Let’s now see, what good will donating clothes cause?

  1. It is beneficial for our environment

You’ll be surprised to know that it costs an average of $45 to dispose of per ton of waste in the landfill. Now, when the clothing sits on the landfill, they don’t do any good for obvious reasons. Because of the breakdown of clothes, toxic greenhouse gases are produced like methane and carbon dioxide, which cause global warmingDonating clothes lengthens the period before our clothes become a part of this saddening process as well.

  1. To help people in their hard time

The clothes you are thinking of throwing away might not mean much for you, but someone else out there needs it. Think of that old coat sitting in your closet, you may not need it, but it can help someone sleep warmly during a winter night. For additional information, read the advantages of donating to the needy


Once we drop those clothes in the donating bin, where do they go?

Now it’s time to answer this question; what happens to clothes in donation bins? Well, to find that out, you should check the labeling on the outside of the bin. After that, please do some research about it.

Does some commercial company set up those bins? If yes, then there’s a high chance your garments are being shipped to sell overseas to profit from it.

If not, they are often sent to local charity centers to be used by those in need. They are sometimes also sent to the thrift stores by the donating organizations. To give you a clear perspective, check out clothing donation benefits



So did you get your answer to what happens to clothes in donation bins? We hope that you did. And we’re sure you got a lot more information than just that, through this article. Hopefully, you’ll now start donating clothes more often as you’re aware of all the benefits it provides. Not only clothes but donating in general. Kudos to you for making it to the end of the article. Do you want more donation articles? Check out how to prepare for plasma donation and how to make donation jars. Thank you for reading!

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