What Does D90 Mean On LG Dryer? 3 Error Codes To Know!

Are you stressed out because you want to know what does d90 mean on LG dryer? The d90 display message that you see on an LG innovative dryer is an error code informing you of a problem that the machine’s problem. The error code d90 means a 90 percent blockage within the dryer’s exhaust. If the d90 error code is received, the dryer will stop its drying process if it is being used. 

Back in the old days, people used to do household tasks by hand until new appliances were innovated and created to help with efficiency. Household appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and many more were invented in order to make life easier for us. As a result, we had more time to rest and less worry about our food going bad. 

what does d90 mean on LG dryer

The appliances we see were invented decades ago, and the great minds of the present focus their effort on improving the technology of these machines. That is why we have intelligent appliances manufactured by various brands. These have smart functions such as voice commands, touch screen panels, Wi-Fi connection, etc. In this paper, we will be focusing on dryers, LG smart dryers, to be specific. We will discuss a function geared towards helping the owner guarantee a long-lasting relationship with their smart appliance. They do these through error codes, and we will be going over some to help you understand what they mean, do, and how to fix these. Just keep on reading!


What Are LG Error Codes

Much like any other smart appliance, LG intelligent appliances also have a way of telling the user that there is something wrong. This is by displaying error codes with different meanings, indicating the conflict that the appliance is facing. This is done so that the user can solve the problem before it can cause severe irreversible damage. 

Through this, the user can prevent the appliance from having to get replaced rather quickly and be able to do something about the cause of the problem and address it. This is why intelligent machines are easier to maintain because they make you know what you need to turn your attention towards.

It is imperative to know the meaning of the error codes that your smart appliance could display. The best way to do this is to read the owner’s manual. If you can’t, you can just look it up on the internet or read articles like this one right here. Below, we will be discussing some error codes that LG dryers display. Go ahead; that way, you can help us help you know what does d90 means on LG dryer.


Standard LG Dryer Error Codes

Now that we have all that other “must-know stuff” out of the way, we can start going through these standard LG dryer error codes, namely, d80, d90, and d95. We will be explaining what the dryer means by displaying it. By understanding the meaning of these error codes and their problems, we can make the dryer function normally again.


Error code #1. d80

The first error code is d80. When your LG dryer displays this message, it means that its ventilation is blocked by 80 percent. A build-up of lint usually causes this blockage. It should be addressed immediately to prevent the dryer from overheating and put your safety at risk. 

To address the d80 error message, you usually just clean the lint filter. You should also detach the hose behind the dryer for the exhaust and eliminate any blockage. If the error message is still there, you can also check the vents to see if any blockages are preventing the hot air from flowing easily. Here’s how to clean LG dryer


Error code #2. d90

So, what does d90 mean on LG dryer? The second error code is d90. This is similar to the d80 error code, except that instead of 80 percent, it goes up to 90 percent. With the d80 error code, the dryer is usually still usable. However, with the d90 error code, the dryer will stop its functions to prevent overheating and damage. To fix the d90 error code, just do the same thing when dealing with the d80. By getting rid of what hinders the airflow, you can resolve your d90 problem. If there is still some blockage, your d90 error code can turn into a d80 error code, which means you still have some things left to try.


Error code #3. d95

Finally, the error code d95 has the most blockage, which means a restriction in the airflow by a whopping 95 percent. Again, try the methods mentioned with the d80 and d90. If you have tried everything you can, and it still displays the error message, it is time for you to call a professional.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have reached the end of this article, we would like to give you our heartfelt thanks. We hope you now know what to do with various error codes your LG dryer could display. We appreciate you turning to this article to understand what does d90 mean on LG dryer. Take care and always keep on learning. You may also want to read about why LG washer making loud noise when spinning.

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