What Color Curtains With Blue Walls And Decors? 7 Best Shades!

You might be asking what color curtains with blue walls and decors.

Blue is a primary color and a prevalent one; it represents the sky and the ocean. It gives people a soothing feeling.

what color curtains with blue walls and decors

Interior designers mainly choose it as a color for walls or houses.

This color is somehow complicated to pair with other colors because it has different shades.

To show the beauty of your blue walls, complements them with cool colors like white, orange, yellow, or gray.

These colors give an impact to the room that will intensify the beauty of the room.

It will provide a soothing effect to everyone within the house.

In this article, you will discover different shades of blue and more options to make your room a pleasant place to live.

Just continue reading to know more about the colors that will complement your blue walls.


What Color Curtains With Your Blue Walls And Decors At Home?

Checking first the shade of your walls will determine what color curtains with the blue border will match well.

Whether interior or exterior design, the perfect color combination has a significant impact on the place.

So, what color curtains with blue walls and decors?

Here are the different shades and their match mate colors that you should know.


Shade #1. Deep blue walls

Deep blue walls to navy blue curtains give a luxurious effect to your room, with white flooring and lighter shades of blue for the types of furniture.

It goes perfectly well that you feel like you want to chill out the day.

The other option is to use bright white curtains to contrast the color of the walls then lines it with modern furniture.

An ideal choice of color that offers a sophisticated and straightforward place.

Please take note when combining the same color.

The other one should be a little brighter or darker than the other.


Shade #2. Periwinkle blue or lavender-blue walls

The periwinkle blue is a striking color that needs a suitable curtain that will make the place marvelous.

White sheer curtains with a light gray accent will render a soft look environment ideal for a bedroom.

Pop it with a throw pillow of complementary colors and gray beddings becomes the best place to unwind.


Shade #3. Cyan or electric blue walls

Electric blue is a combination of different colors.

Still, most of the blue and purple match with polka-dot and white background curtains, a bright blue in the ordinary description formulates another fun place.

Accessories with white furniture or a combination of blue and white vases, knick-knacks contributed to a fun, happy room.

It is best for the baby room.


Shade #4. Turquoise blue walls

Turquoise is a mixture of blue and green colors. This wall match with gold curtains gives a vibrant scheme of colors that will add life to the living room.

If the room has a light turquoise blue, use a lighter shade of gold curtains.

That allows breezy feelings of surroundings.


Shade #5. Bluish gray walls

Another name of this color is livid that comes from the word lividus, meaning a dull-leaden blue.

As the words, it says it is a combination of blue and gray.

When a match with dark blue and old rose curtains and the same color as the furniture items, these walls give a stunning effect to the room.


Shade #6. Light blue walls

These blue walls paired with tan patterned and plain white sheer curtains become a precise color scheme with a vintage theme.

You may also paired a bright yellow curtain that will surely make your day sunny and bright.

A soft pink curtain also matches these walls; a good choice for a female room.

Patterned curtains of peach and blue are also excellent for light blue walls. It is so refreshing, ideal for the dining room area.


Shade #7. Light gray-blue walls

Monochromatic colors were sometimes the best choice.

Matching the walls & curtains with the same shades and with the white lining of the walls creates a cohesive style in the room.

Another choice is tan-colored curtains, best for the dining room which makes the room more stylish and inviting.

If you opted to be classic, white curtains to a pale blue wall would give a clean and more explicit view of the place, putting your mind free from any worries so you could enjoy the surroundings.

And that is all you need to know what color of curtains that go with blue walls



Now you have an idea of what color curtains with blue walls and decors. You can now visualize the outcome or ambiance you are trying to foresee so that the work will be more accessible.

When choosing appropriate curtains, you should consider the length and width of the window, the texture & design, and how it goes well with other colors.

You may apply some of the combinations and techniques mentioned above, and you will end up satisfied with what you want it to be.

For curtains is like the makeup of your window. It creates a significant effect on the place.

So, do these ideas help you, or does it encourages you to a much better idea?

If so, feel free to share it with us.

Happy designing!