What Causes A Heater Core To Go Bad? 5 Shocking Causes!

What causes a heater core to go bad? There are many reasons why the heater core does not work, including clogging and leakage in the system.

The coolant contamination in the clogging has not been repeatedly flushed out. That is why you must search for an auto repair shop to diagnose the vehicle issues safely and adequately.

What causes a heater core to go bad

Repair it again to allow the defroster and heater to function well. The location of the heater core is behind the vehicle’s dashboard, which makes it a complicated place to venture to. The repair costs can be relatively higher than the usual repair if you visit the automotive repair shop. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


What Causes Your Heater Core To Go Bad?

Below are signs that the heater core is wrong to keep an eye on.


#1. Little to no heat at all that is coming out

The lack of heat is a sure sign that the heater core is going bad, as this also slightly gives you an idea of blower motor failure that you hire professional help to get checked.


#2. The sweet smell in the car

A sweet and savory smell in the vehicle is one sure sign of a coolant or a leaking fluid. You should check this sweet smell outside the car and the leak under the vehicle.


#3. Cargoes through the coolant fast

A vehicle that runs out of fluid relates much to a heater core problem. The leakage is not visible as you search for it because the coolant gets out as the vehicle systems are cold, as also, the leaks begin from the cabin.


#4. Car is vapored up

One good sign that a heater core is going wrong is if the vehicle is vapored up. Get the car looked at immediately as the chemical called ethylene glycol leaking brings harm to health. Roll down the windows as this happens and as you drive and repair it on the same day.


#5. Vehicle is overheating

One more sign a heater core is going wrong is if it overheats, resulting from a plugged heater core problem or a blown head gasket. Never drive the vehicle when it continues overheating, so send it to the nearest automotive repair shop as immediately as possible.


Things To Look Out After Knowing Why The Heater Core Goes Bad

A heater that does not get the job completed is one red flag, but the heater core is never the issue as the cabin air filter, fuse, vent doors, and fan are the culprits. Rule those things out first and get to the core as a tremendous job, as this is one thing for you to remember if you get tempted to blow off the radiator flush. The temperature gauge in a car shows the engine is going hotter than normal, which means coolant and core leakage. It is also not good if you have smelt the coolant with no further evidence on the carpet.

The ethylene glycol harms breathing, and the coolant can often come out of the core in fine mist despite a small leakage like a pinhole. The clues for a damaged body are a dashboard, sticky residues, other surfaces in the car, or a steering wheel. Be proactive regarding the vehicle’s maintenance to prolong the life of the heater core and make it effective.


What Happens Next?

The heater core goes wrong because of leaking and utilizes engine coolant to generate heat. The leaking element reduces the quantity of coolant in a cooling system. The low coolant causes the engine to operate at a more extreme temperature. This, thus, results in engine damage. Moreover, know that leaking heater core may overheat a machine as it causes subsequent overheating in the engine and the loss of coolant. While this is not common, the possibility that a heater core can be obstructed is more likely. It is enough to cause overheating and limit the coolant flow.


Fixes To The Heater Core

Below are things to consider after knowing what causes a heater core to go bad:


#1. Replacing the heater core

Locate the heater core underneath the dashboard, between the firewall and the lower dash part. The heater core buries under the different assemblies, plastic panels, cables, and switches to control the cooling and heating and all other bolts, nuts, screws, and more. As you reach it in the car, it makes a whole and tiring day of work even if things go well.


#2. Using a stop leak

The stop leak makes a popular remedy when fixing the leakage in a heater core. You can easily apply it as you complete the fix. So, open the tank, begin the car, and pour a liquid through the coolant system. The engine runs afterward for quite some time while the coolant circulates, and the particles in the liquid continue through the system. It finds wherever the damaged or punctured place is. It begins to form a layer onto the area and stops the leakage. It places the plugin in a hole. Moreover, this is the usual scenario, and more information occurs on how the stop leak functions at its best that you will find on the manufacturer’s website or the bottle. You may also be interested to know about the heater core is malfunctioning.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what causes a heater core to go bad, as there are no other reasons to find the leakage and clogging in the system. But then, understand the fixes to do with the heater core after knowing its causes. You may want to read related articles; know how to unclog heater core and how to bypass heater core.

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