The Best Way to Fix Curtains that are Too Long

Your new curtains have arrived, and you can’t wait to hang them up. First, you measure the windows, but they are too long! No problem–you’ll just cut off the excess fabric with scissors.

But how much should you cut off? And what about hemming or using a sewing machine? This blog post will show you how to fix your curtains that are too long by cutting them down without ruining your work.

Fix Curtains that are Too Long

Steps to Fix Curtains that are too long

Step One: Measure the Curtains and Cut Them Down. Measure how much fabric you need to cut off by using a measuring tape.

For example, if your curtains are too long on one side of the window, measure from the top edge of the fabric to where it should be trimmed down–usually just below the sill or bottom interior edge of the window.

Step Two: Cut Curtains with Scissors or a Sewing Machine
Cut your curtains down using scissors, and then hem them (if needed) by hand sewing them at the bottom edge to keep them from unraveling.

If you have an extra-long curtain rod to put in place after cutting off excess fabric, you can sew curtains together to make them the length needed.

Step Three: Hang Curtains to Prevent Shorter Ends from Flapping Around
After cutting your curtains down, hook one end on a hanger and slip it over the top of another curtain rod for storage or keep them folded up while they’re waiting to be hung.

Step Four: Buy Curtains that are the Right Length. If your curtains came from a store, they might come with instructions on how to shorten them. If not, then you can follow some basic steps for doing it by hand or taking them into a tailor if needed.”


How to determine if a curtain is too long?

If a curtain is too long, it can be cut to the desired length. However, this will often require an extra-long rod or significant sewing skills. A more accessible option is to buy curtains that are already the right size for your space.”

How do you shorten curtains?

To shorten curtains: determine how much excess fabric is needed to get the desired length. Next, measure how wide this excess is and divide it by two for a general idea of how much fabric you need to cut off from both edges of your curtain.

Step One: Decide on Desired Length
Measure the distance between where it will hang (e.g., floor, rod) to where you want the top edge of your curtain to end, and add two.

Step Two: Measure Excess Fabric
Measure how wide this excess is, divide by two for a general idea of how much fabric you need to cut off from both edges of your curtain.”

Why do I need to cut off long curtains?

Curtains with excess fabric near the top edge can droop down when being drawn. This won’t be a problem if you’re looking for an informal look, but it could create a safety hazard if they touch electric cables or small children.”

Disadvantages of too long curtains

Some people feel that long curtains can be difficult to pull up, and they may touch the floor when open. They also might not look as elegant.

How do I measure how much fabric to cut?

Measure from the top of your window down to about an inch or so below where you’d like the curtains to fall when they’re open.

How Much Does Long Curtains Cost?

The cost of long curtains will depend on how much fabric you need to buy. Therefore, you may want to visit a few stores before making your purchase.


How do I install the new curtain rod?

Install the rods with brackets at each end, and secure them in place by screwing them into wall studs or drywall anchors.


Tips for installing long curtains

  • Measure the length of your curtains from top to bottom, and purchase accordingly.
  • Install long curtain rods with brackets at each end and secure them in place by screwing them into wall studs or drywall anchors.
  • Use a level to ensure that the rod hangs evenly on both sides of the window. If necessary, hang a weight on the end of each rod to help.
  • Draw a pencil line across the underside of your window sill, and mount brackets at either side if you cannot find studs or drywall anchors in this area.
  • Measure up from there how long you want your curtain to fall, adding 12″ for allowance, then mark along the wall.
  • Screw in the brackets at these points, and hang your curtain rod on them by screwing it into place through the top of the bracket.


How to wash Too Long Curtains

  • When it’s time to wash your curtains, be sure to launder them appropriately.
  • Check with your washing machine manufacturer for how high up on the drum you should place a curtain panel so that they can clean properly and avoid shrinkage.
    If you have an older washer without this feature, place the bottom of your curtain panel as high on the drum as possible, then add a couple of tennis balls to help it tangle less.
    If you have an older dryer without this feature, use two large plastic hangers and slip them over the top bar to avoid shrinkage.


There are many ways to deal with too-long curtains, depending on how much fabric you have and your priorities in terms of appearance and functionality. The best solution is the one that satisfies all of these considerations.”