How to Take the Wheels Off a Joovy Double Stroller

Joovy double strollers are great for those who need a little extra room for their children. However, what if you don’t need the wheels? You can easily remove them to save some space in your trunk or on your porch. In this blog post, we will be discussing how to take the wheels off a Joovy Double Stroller!


take the wheels off a Joovy Double Stroller

Steps on How to Take the Wheels Off a Joovy Double Stroller

Step 1. Unfasten the wheel from the frame of the stroller by undoing it on one side and then unplugging it. The other end will still be attached to the stroller, but you can pull that off now as well so there is no chance they get tangled up when you store them in your car or garage.

Step 2. If for some reason this doesn’t want to come loose, make sure both sides are loosened before pulling hard enough so they just pop right out!

Step 3. After removing both wheels, simply roll up any excess fabric and tuck it into one of the corners on each side where a wheel used to go through with velcro strips folded over itself. This way it won’t get in your way when using the stroller

Step 4. Next, put both wheels back on and tighten them as much as you can with the lock washers. Again, make sure they’re fully tightened before anything else!

Step 5. Lastly, fold up any excess fabric that’s hanging off of one side so there isn’t a bump where the wheel used to be. Repeat these steps for each side and then take care of storing away leftover material properly.


How to fold up a Joovy spoon Walker

The first thing you have to do is take off the wheels from each side and then remove one of the seats, leaving two bars with only one seat on it. Next, tuck in any excess fabric that’s hanging over onto where the wheel used to be so there isn’t a bump when using this stroller again.

Take care of storing away any leftover material by either folding it or putting it into its designated pocket on the backside of your Joovy Spoon Walker!

Lastly, replace both seats and put them back on all four wheels at once before tightening them as much as possible for safety measures. Once done, allow yourself to admire the wonderful work you’ve done and go on your way!


How to put a carseat in an Evenflo stroller

The first thing to do is check and see if your carseat has a locking clip. If you have this, then it will be very easy to attach the stroller. Otherwise, place the straps of the car seat over both handles on top of the frame. They should hang down from one side but not too low that they are dragging or touching the ground.

Then adjust so that there is a space between them for the room when getting the child out of the carseat later as well as making sure they are secured tightly with no gaps around strap ends!

Now take the back buckle off and pick up the bottom right corner while pulling the left handle towards yourself at the same time then repeat another side before placing back onto the vehicle’s seat.

If you have a single stroller, the process is much simpler because all you need to do is place straps over both handles and adjust so that there’s space in between them for when getting the child out later on.


Steps for taking apart the Britax B-Agile and putting it back together again:

To start, find your Allen wrench that was included with your strollers purchase (usually comes in an envelope). The wrench is used as leverage when loosening bolts on each side of the frame and will be necessary if you ever need parts replaced or want to put different attachments onto it down the line.

Once you’ve located your Allen key, look for two-bolt covers on either side of the frame.

Unscrew both bolts with your Allen key and then remove them from their place by hand. Now you’re able to slide out the metal piece that is holding together two parts of the stroller, which will give you access to eight more nuts to take apart what’s left of it.

The first nut should be located right under one-foot rest – un-tightening this takes off pressure at the top bar for when collapsing or folding up a stroller; next, unscrew four other screws found near each wheel (these are usually black); finally, lift handlebars — now everything should come apart!


How to put a carseat in a stroller

Step One: Choose a Stroller. The strollers I am going to talk about are the Joovy Caboose Caddy and the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Snap-and-Go Stroller with Car Seat Adapter.

Step Two: Take off your carseat from your vehicle. Put it in its proper position on top of the stroller – facing forward or rearward depending on where you want to put it next. Try not to move any other parts around, such as handles upfront so that when you’re done installing everything, everything will be back in its original place for future use!

Step Three: If you have an infant sitting upright in a car seat then you’ll need a car seat adapter to strap in the infant (as opposed to using the stroller’s included safety belt).

Step Four: Unsnap and remove the lower frame from your rear-facing carseat.

Step Five: Lift on one side of it, while sliding it out under the other handle until you can free it completely.

Repeat this same process for all four wheels – front right, back left, front left and then finally back right wheel!

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