Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Where To Buy

If you want to know about Mediflow Waterbase pillow where to buy it, you can easily find it on their official website. It’s essential to only get your pillow directly from the company to ensure its authenticity and quality. But what is this Waterbase pillow?

Mediflow created this unique water pillow that is water-based and uses various materials. It is unique in the sense that it reshapes itself to match each individual accordingly. And as mentioned, this pillow offers different materials to choose from. 

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Where To Buy


Where To Buy Mediflow Waterbase Pillow 

As mentioned earlier, you can buy Mediflow’s waterbase pillow from their official website. It’s essential that we only acquire the brand’s product from the company itself to ensure its authenticity and quality. Mediflow will ship their pillow from the USA, and you can expect to receive it after two to seven business days. 

You should note that Mediflow doesn’t allow shipping to PO boxes, and you can find out the product’s shipping price after you added it to your cart. The company also has a contact form on their website, and your pillow should have a tracking number after you ordered it. 


Types of Mediflow waterbase pillow

Mediflow offers different water pillows that vary in materials. They include the Elite Premium Fiber, Original Fiber, the Travel Pillow, a smaller Original Fiber, Elite Memory Foam, Memory Foam, and Down pillows. The Elite Premium Fiber water pillow uses ultra combed fiber, cotton shell, and has corded edges, while the Original Fiber variant is the company’s original water pillow. 

It uses a polyester fiber layer on top of a sealed and insulated water pouch and is also covered by a polycotton shell. On the other hand, the Elite Memory Foam variant and the Memory Foam’s difference lies in the foam’s quality and corded edges. You can also get Mediflow’s Down water pillow that uses all-natural and hypoallergenic materials over a thin water layer. 


Who Invented Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

Maurice Bard created the Mediflow waterbase pillow using the idea of a pillow that has a water bottle. This way, the user can personally adjust the water content and have a unique experience with the pillow. The pillow started as a traditional fiber pillow with an adjustable water pouch covered in an insulated blanket underneath.


What inspired the Mediflow waterbase pillow?

Mediflow intended to supply the healthcare market, particularly the chiropractic and medical community. Maurice experienced a whiplash injury, so the pillow is known for relieving neck pain. Think of the pillow’s primary material, which is water. 

It does not compress like other solid materials, making it possible to uniquely conform around the head and neck. The pillow will reshape as you move around. Over time, the pillow became useful for treating patients with headaches by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. 

This study was then published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, paving the way for Mediflow to become a well-known pillow for reducing neck pain and improving sleep quality. Indeed, Mediflow is a one-in-a-million product that is backed by science and reviews.


How Does Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Works

How this pillow works is related to what makes it unique in the market. From the name itself, Mediflow waterbase pillow allows the user to add or remove its water content. This makes the pillow adjustable in terms of firmness since the water content can make it soft, medium, or firm for support.

A useful ratio to remember is 3 liters of water creates a pillow with medium firmness. You can then add or remove a liter of water to find the most comfortable firmness level for you. Two liters make a soft pillow, while four to five liters of water leads to the firmest pillow. 


How to sleep on the Mediflow waterbase pillow

Every sleeping position can benefit from using the Mediflow waterbase pillow. For example, back sleepers can use the Original Fiber and Gel Memory Foam water pillow variants. This is because they have the ideal loft height to support your head and neck’s curves to maintain a neutral spine.  

What if I sleep on my side? You can use the Down Alternative, Down, and Elite Fiberfill water pillows. These variants have a high loft for supporting the neck and shoulders, and as a result, you can ensure an aligned spine as you sleep on your side. 

Finally, even those that sleep on their stomachs can use a waterbase pillow. Some low loft options are the Gel Memory Foam and Original Fiber water pillows. Remember that flat pillows are ideal for this position to relieve head, spine, and stomach pressure. 



You can improve your sleep quality by using the waterbase pillow from Mediflow. And if you want to know on Mediflow waterbase pillow where to buy, you can conveniently order from the company’s website. You can also benefit from this pillow if you suffer from headache and neck pain. 

The product’s story is impressive, and a study published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation even proved that Mediflow is world-renowned in the medical and chiropractic community. You can select the specific pillow that will suit your needs, and best of all, an order should only take a maximum of seven days to arrive.