Home Washing: How To Wash A Chenille Blanket In 3 Easy Steps

Think about how cozy and warm your chenille blanket can make you feel, but it gets dirty because you can’t wash it. So, how to wash a chenille blanket?


how to wash a chenille blanket

In this article, you will know how to wash your chenille blanket properly without risking ruining the fabric.


Can you wash it using a machine or should you stay using your hands to keep it safe from being shredded?


Continue reading this passage as we guide you on how to wash these comfy blankets.


How To Wash A Chenille Blanket Properly

Blankets were made to provide you warmth and comfort on cold and sad days so you won’t feel alone. But you cannot keep them the same way you did before, right?


So, as much as it gave you the warmest feeling, the fuzzy blanket needed its bath to keep it healthy and comfortable to use.


Step #1. Gentle washing

There are certain ways on how to wash clothes and fabric, but some of those fabrics have their requirements so that they can last long.


Chenille is more fragile than they seem. Throwing them in a washing machine is a go, but the cycle must be in normal mode or else you’ll end up shredding up your chenille.


That is why blankets with fabric like this is mostly recommended to be hand-washed, and it should be done carefully because they will shed if they were subjected to too much friction.


Step #2. Hand rinsing

If you think that the machine has been too rough with your blanket, you can now wash it with your hands.


Hand-washing blankets with fabric like this require cold water with a mild detergent.


That is the only way you can lessen the friction that the machine has caused your blanket.


After that, the blanket can be rinsed with cold water, and make sure to wring it out gently to remove the excess amount of water.


Step #3. Heat drying

The next thing you can do is dry the blanket or use a cloth dryer. As fragile as washing it, is how delicate it is with drying as well.


Some people can advise you to hang the blanket, but doing so could put up the risk to make the fabric either stretch or shrink.


The right heat will allow the softness of the chenille to re-emerge, so always remember to dry the blanket on a low amount of heat.


Remember not to put it in the dryer, because that will let bacteria grow. Use steam after washing to remove wrinkles, remove the odor and freshen it up.


How Often Should You Wash A Chenille Blanket

Everything has its preference. How often you wash your chenille blanket depends on how much time you spend with it, and who do you let be close with it.


Some people wash their blanket every month, maybe because they are busy and such.


However, if you are using your blanket every day, it might be applicable for you to wash it once a week or every 2 weeks.


Basically, how often you wash your blanket depends on how many interactions you have with it.


What Are The Common Types Of Chenille Fabric?

Having a comfortable blanket does not happen overnight, it is made the way it is because of the process and most especially because of the materials used.


So, here are some of the fabrics that made a fuzzy chenille blanket:


  • Cotton – A plant-based material that creates such soft fabrics. This one is completely made up of cellulose.


Cotton is soft as they are but they are at risk for shrinking and stretching


  • Wool – These materials are animal-based and are composed of keratin-based proteins and that’s what makes wool exceptionally elastic. 


  • Silk – This one is obtained from insects such as larvae. These are known for their absorbent quality. 


  • Rayon – This material is gathered from pure cellulose materials; it also has a nice texture and versatility. However, this fabric’s weak point is its durability. 


What Are the Characteristics Of Chenille?


  • Iridescence – The fibers of the chenille are not originally colorful and bright.


Although it wasn’t originally shiny, the pattern of the structure makes it pleasing to the eyes and makes it in a way iridescent. 


  • Fuzzy and comfy – Chenille is a soft fabric created from braided or a pile of materials that made it perfect for comfort. 


  • Great coverage – Chenille has beautiful coverage which provides warmth for you. 


  • Durable – Since chenille is mostly made with thick and soft materials, it is indeed sure to provide durability.



Blankets come from different classes, and one of the most popular is the chenille blanket. They are comfy and warm, that is why it reigns and it will keep on reigning.


However, knowing how to wash a chenille blanket properly is one of the vital points of obtaining and taking care of them since it will prolong their life.


It might be a handful, but knowing how to take care of things is more beneficial than spending money to get rid of them completely.