How To Use Hair Dryer Diffuser On Curly Hair? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to use hair dryer diffuser on curly hair? The steps are very simple to execute; you just have to prepare the hair, leave the curls alone, cup your hair into a diffuser, tune those ends finely, and achieve a gleaming shiny look.

Afterward, choose the stylish and wavy look you want to achieve. So far, the hair dryer diffuser is excellent to acquire a signature look.

how to use hair dryer diffuser on curly hair

Hair dryer diffuser is an old device dating back to the 1980s that helps achieve a unique look. It helps obtain a perfect curl without using powerful heat devices. The dryer attachment with prongs cradles the hair as it dries it up. Purchase a diffuser attachment if there’s no one around.


Steps To Use Hair Dryer Diffuser On Curly Hair

So, how to use hair dryer diffuser on curly hair? Follow the steps below to use a hair dryer diffuser to achieve the wave or curl you want:


Step #1. Preparing your hair

Consider some preparations before you make use of a hair dryer diffuser.

  • Wash the hair using a mild shampoo and apply a conditioner to wash the hair.
  • Never use a towel to rub the hair but make it a turban to wrap it in a towel.
  • Dry the hair with a towel like forty to fifty percent but never rub the hair after opening the turban.
  • Use a wide tooth type of comb that detangles the hair. But avoid extra combing or brushing as it only produces frizz.
  • After detangling your hair, you take tiny sections of the hair and create the curls with your finger. Clip the rest of the hair.


Step #2. Leaving the curls alone

As you always take your shower, your curls begin to work to transform into something beautiful and original. Secure the usual pattern as you lock the wild curl and wave, their beauty. Never brush and comb your hair to keep the natural and wavy design. Better yet, apply some cream conditioner to maintain the original wavy style. Wrap the hair after you rub them with a towel. And then, make the towel a turban to prevent frizz. Next, dry the hair forty to fifty percent using your towel. Then, leave the rest of the hair for the diffuser to dry.


Step #3. Cupping the hair into a hair dryer diffuser

Place the diffuser in the hairdryer. And then, place the section of the hair into the hair diffuser’ cup that dries the hair up and adds more volume to it. Use your finger to give the curls a clear and redefined look, to best define as it locks the usual shape of curly hair. Put the ends of the hair like two to three inches in a cup. Continue to start drying. Add extra volume to the hair as you position the diffuser in the crown area. Lift your hair using a diffuser.


Step #4. Fining-tune the hair ends

Achieve a complete and good look in a hair with well-defined and precise ends. Achieve this natural and ideal look with a round brush. Replace the diffuser with a concentrated nozzle to straighten the hair ends. Use some comb or brush to best define the ends of the hair. The straight hair’s end and ascending curls complete the look.


Step #5. Achieving complete and shiny looks

The final step involves the use of oil for a shiny hair look. Avoid those roots to prevent minimizing hair volume. Add more silk and shine to the hair by using a hairdryer. Begin applying oil from the neck and continue taking the hair. Spray some oil and spread the oil with no reduction of volume.


Other Tips To Follow To Use HairDryer Diffuser

Obtain the maximum results by following other tips in using a hair dryer diffuser.

  • Dry the hair with a towel and apply gels, leave-in conditioners, mousses, and serum.
  • Get the blow dryer attached to the diffuser. Set it at a cool and low temperature. Be gentle on your hair with a lower temperature.
  • Slowly massage the scalp with the prongs following a circular motion.
  • Work toward the ends or tips as you scoop the hair to the scalp. Hold the section for several seconds before releasing it.
  • Continue to the next part until you complete all sections. Achieve the style you aim for, spray your hair with hairspray, and achieve an excellent shot.
  • Never apply alcohol or silicon-based products if yours is curly hair. The combination only dries the hair.
  • Allow the diffuser to do the job. Avoid touching the hair if you’re diffusing it. Or else, it only creates curly hair while the curls loosen up. Make your hair wavy or straight in lock with following a circular motion.

Find out how to use a hair dryer diffuser.


It’s A Wrap!

Keep in mind how to use hair dryer diffuser on curly hair correctly with the steps mentioned. Diffusing requires patience, although it’s very tricky. But in the end, it always results in gorgeous hair. As you practice it more, you’ll perfect voluminous and full-bodied hairstyles, and you’ll become a professional in diffusing hair. Make use of a hair dryer diffuser to your advantage that, if not in the package, has it purchased then! Click on these links to read related articles; know how a hair dryer works and how to determine your actual hair type.

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