How To Use LG Steam Washer? 3 Easy Phases!

Are you wondering about how to use LG steam washer? Got a new LG steam washer for home but don’t know what wonders a steam washer can do on your clothes? This article will help you to understand the working process of a steam washer and its advantages. You will get to know about the wonders steam can do on your clothes.

You may be thinking about why a steam washer is better than the simple one? What makes the steam washers stand out among the regular washers? Steam washers are considered more efficient than standard washers because they clean the clothes more neatly. Also, the combination of water and steam rinse the dirt off the clothes more efficiently. It removes the strongest of stains and also acts as a sanitizer. Working and using of LG steam washer is very easy. However, many people find it confusing that how and when to use the steam option. To make it more understandable, here are a few things about its use in the washing cycles.

how to use LG steam washer


Phases To Use LG Steam Washer

Add water and clothes to the steam washer. You can select the steam option and allow steam to pass by using the select button available on the washer. The usage and working of the steam washer are swift and easy. The steam washers mainly offer three phases of cleaning. So, how to use LG steam washer? The three phases are discussed below:


Phase #1. Earlier washing phase

When you turn the steam washer on, add water, place clothes into the washer, and turn on the steam option available on the washer’s control panel. This steam, when combined with water, works as a relaxing agent for clothes. The soaking process increases multi-folds. 


Phase #2. During the washing phase

When you give steam during the washing stage, it increases the effect of detergent many times than usual. Steam also acts as a cleaning agent. It helps in breaking down the dirt bonds. The stains from clothes are removed more easily. In addition, it also kills the extra germ and makes your cleaning more excellent and effective.


Phase #3. After the washing phase

When your main washing phase ends, your clothes are thoroughly washed, but at the same time, they get hard. The steam in the washing stage may help in cleaning clothes better, but it also makes hard wrinkles on the clothes. These hard wrinkles are removed In the after wash phase. After the wash phase, the temperature is high to soften the clothes that get hardened during the wash phase.


Two Main Cycles

The LG steam washer uses two primary cycles:

  • Allergens freecycle
  • Tub clean cycle


Allergens freecycle:

Steam is a great sanitizer. It kills the harmful germs or allergens present on your clothes, blankets, or comforters. So Steam washer is highly hygienic and gives you a healthy lifestyle.


Tub clean cycle:

The clean tub cycle is to keep your washer in good condition. It eradicates different odors, soil, dirt, and pieces of fabric. Steam used in a clean tub cycle refreshes the quality of the washer.


Advantages Of Steam Washer

The steam washers have many advantages as compared to ordinary washers. Following are the few benefits:


#1. Lessens the need for ironing

Do the crumples on your clothes look exhausting? Are you tired of ironing clothes when running out of time? Do not worry because an LG steam washer can solve this problem. You will get fairly straightened clothes if you turn on the steam feature in the post-washing phase. But not every washer has this feature, that is why you should buy a washer with this option available. You may want to know the best compact washer and dryer.


#2. Make clothes look fresh

If you have dresses that get dirty over wearing just once, you need a steam washer. Steam can freshen up the rusty or musty look of your new dress. You do not have to add water and detergent for this process. Place your clothes in the washer and turn on the steam option. This technique can also be used for clothes you have not worn more, like sweaters and coats.


#3. Highly hygienic

If you are allergic to pollen and other things but your clothes reek of it, you may need a steam washer. For people with highly allergic skin and for washing baby clothes, this washer is highly recommended. Steam washer kills bacteria and allergens. It works as a cleaning agent. The steam increases the cleaning process and takes care of your health by offering highly hygienic washing clothes. 


It’s A Wrap!

If you are reluctant to buy a steam washer, you must consider the above-discussed points to help you understand the importance of a steam washer. Do not worry about how to use LG steam washer as it is elementary and quick. The steam washer helps you a lot in the cleaning process. Steam washers use less electricity and energy as compared to other models. You will enjoy your washing day more when you will have an LG steam washer in your laundry. You will get well ironed, hygienic, fresh, and sanitized clothes on every wash. It may also be a good idea to read related articles; know why LG washer making loud noise when spinning and what does LE means on LG washer.

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