How To Use A Pressure Washer Without An Outside Tap? 5 Amazing Options!

Are you wondering how to use a pressure washer without an outside tap? By using a water bucket, a barrel, outdoor taps, indoor taps, and washing machine taps, you can use a pressure washer without any need for a washer pressure tap. 

An outside tap isn’t available to all. You might be sharing a room or apartment which lacks these features. Or perhaps you’ve never needed to put up an outside tap. Whenever you do not have access to a readily available water source for your pressure washer, you’ll now have to think about other possibilities.

how to use a pressure washer without an outside tap

The best part is that based on the type of pressure washer you’re operating and the outcomes you would like to achieve, you have a variety of alternatives to select from. Continue reading to learn how to run a power washer with no need for a hose. Let’s focus on a few guidelines to get you started with your pressure washer, even though you don’t have access to an outdoor faucet.


Ways To Use A Pressure Washer Without An Outside Tap

Stop thinking more about how to use a pressure washer without an outside tap? We have mentioned a few alternatives to using an exterior tap to deliver water to a pressure washer. A variety of options are shown here.


#1. Using a water bucket

Whenever you use the water bucket, it doesn’t mean you load it using water and then plug in the pressure washer line and assume to have adequate pressure. You’ll have to utilize an extra adapter that connects to the pressure washer hose to adjust the bucket to pressure washer demands.

This vacuum hose attachment improves the pressure even as water is pulled into the washer. The use of a bucket has one disadvantage: typically, pressure washers also have a flow rate of 1.6-2 gallons per minute (GPM) of water. Because the typical bucket holds 2 gallons, your bucket will be emptying every minute. It might be exhausting to utilize a high-flow pressure washer to wash a broad surface. It was only suitable for a limited number of tasks.


#2. Using a water barrel

Rainwater from gutters is collected in water barrels in most homes. If your location gets a lot of rainfall, you must have a massive water barrel almost all of the moment. Try connecting your pressure washer hose to the faucet on such a water barrel. The pressure washer would perform well thanks to the gravitational pressure. You didn’t have to think about replenishing the water barrel because it has a high capacity. This seems to be preferable to the use of a bucket.


#3. Using indoor taps

If the previous two solutions aren’t feasible, an indoor tap can be used instead. The diameter of the pressure washer hose now becomes the deciding factor. This will dictate where the hose may be connected and just how deep you may wash. For attaching the hose to the garden hose and, subsequently, to the bathroom or kitchen tap, you may need to purchase an adaptor. If you leave the tap running, you’ll have sufficient water to accomplish any pressure cleaning outside.


#4. Using washing machine tap

The threading and size of most washing machine taps are identical to those on outdoor faucets. As a consequence, you’ll have a working tap to attach your pressure washer hose to. Consider utilizing a two-way tap adapter if you want to use this approach for an extended time. It will divide the tap in half, allowing water to flow to your washing machine. Running a hose through the home will be required for this strategy. If you need the pressure washer to access diverse locations easily, you may need to utilize a long hose.


#5. Use the portable pressure washer

A portable pressure washer is viable if the other solutions aren’t cutting it. The water tanks onboard such a pressure washer are meant to be mobile. You would not need to be linked to a water source to continue utilizing it. 

Many people would use a simple-to-fill water tank for refilling and pumped water. Such pressure washers will include tires for the motion to reduce the time needed to set this up to where you’d like to clean. The wheel is helpful since the pressure washers are weighty due to the added water tanks. A portable power washer is probably an intelligent choice if you intend to frequently clean your garden furniture and pillars with a pressure washer. Filling the washer will be more accessible, and you didn’t have to bother with any cumbersome pump hoses.

Here are the 7 best portable pressure washers in the market. 


It’s A Wrap!

We were happy to learn that you all will get the answer to how to use a pressure washer without an outside tap. Well, above, we have mentioned five alternative options that assist you in operating the pressure washer for cleaning purposes if your washer tap is damaged. Don’t be panic if you don’t have a pressure washer outside the tap. Above we have mentioned the above ti; by understanding these tips, you can operate your washer efficiently. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end! Read articles on how to use a Honda pressure washer and how to use Sun Joe pressure washer

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