4 Easy Steps on How to Unfold a Eddie Bauer Bassinet

Learn How to Unfold a Eddie Bauer Bassinet in this article. The steps are easy and simple to follow.


How to Unfold a Eddie Bauer Bassinet

Steps on How to Unfold a Eddie Bauer Bassinet

Step 1. First things first: make sure that there aren’t any pieces still in the box and that everything has been taken out. The Eddie bassinet should come with two wheels on each side and a strap handle at both ends along with an instruction manual and warranty card inside of it. – Flip over the entire thing so that it becomes upright instead of sideways like when opened up.

Step 2. Pull up on the fabric flap at one end and prop it open using a pillow or something similar to make sure that your fingers don’t get caught inside while you’re going through this process.

Step 3. Unfold both sides out completely so that they are flat against each other with no wrinkles or gaps in between them. It should look like an unfolded square instead of two separate halves when complete.

Step 4. Connect all four corners by hooking their respective rings onto one another from the outside corner inward toward the middle until they have been completed attached from every side of each square half of fabric without any exposed parts left hanging loose anywhere else along its borders.

Fold down the top part where the baby will be laying/sleeping face up.

Step 1. Tuck the excess fabric under at each corner of where the baby will be laying/sleeping face up to create a smooth transition for their head and feet that are now turned upward towards you as if they were standing on both legs with arms extended straight above them in front of your chest level looking like an X shape.

Step 2. Make sure all four corners have been tucked underneath evenly so there is no slack or loose extra folds anywhere around which could cause harm or discomfort to your baby when holding them during this process after it’s complete.

Step 3. Fold-down the bottom part facing downward toward the floor where baby won’t be laying/sleeping face up anymore but instead laid out completely flat onto its back without any additional support needed from either you or the towel. Fold-down and secure any loose fabric up towards the baby’s chin to prevent it from opening its mouth and sliding down into the throat.

Step 4. Now that you have completed all three folds, pull out your hand closest to yourself while holding onto the top part of the head with your other free hand (if done properly this will be the opposite arm/hand) which is now on the bottom side of the body after each fold has been made as I mentioned earlier in previous steps until only a small section remains for you to grab hold off.

Tightly place them face up underneath your armpit although this time without using another clean dry cotton towel because they should already be resting safely inside one ready for swaddling if needed later tonight or tomorrow which you should never attempt to do.

How to know if my newborn is too cold at night?

A newborn feels cold when their room is too cool. If your baby’s hands and feet feel like ice, they are probably too cold. A good rule of thumb: if you can see your child’s breath, it is too cold in the room at night!

It may be more difficult to know if a young infant (under six months) has become chilled overnight because he or she cannot regulate body temperature as effectively as older children or adults can. To help prevent this from happening, dress babies in only one diaper and wrap them snugly with a thin blanket; do not use heavy swaddling blankets that could reduce airflow around his/her face and make him/them overheat while sleeping.

Most importantly, keep the room at a temperature that is comfortable for you. If it feels cold to you, your child will probably feel even colder and become uncomfortable overnight; if it feels too warm, he/she may sleep better in their pyjamas only.

As with any rule of thumb: use your best judgment and trust yourself! You know what’s right for your baby better than anyone else does.


What should I look for when buying a Pack ‘n Play?

When shopping online on Eddie Bauer make sure you check out all of our amazing products including our various size options which include classic models with more standard features like mesh windows or infant inserts along with larger versions offering additional details such as music players built into the changing table area!

Stop by today at one of over 500 locations across North America or check out our online store for more information on all of the great products we have to offer.


How to Elevate Head of Bassinet for Better Sleep

One of the most common complaints from parents who use bassinets is that their baby doesn’t get any sleep. The problem typically boils down to babies’ disturbing sleeping positions, which are made worse by having low bedding or an uncomfortable mattress. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can elevate your child’s head for better sleep without spending a cent.

Step 1. At the side of your bassinet, press the recline button.

Step 2. Adjust the bassinet to a suitable height.