How To Style Men’s Hair With Blow Dryer? 9 Easy Steps!

Most men have blow dryers but don’t know how to style men’s hair with blow dryers. Styling with a blow dryer is relatively easy if we know the technique and skill or follow the suggestions. 

Men already use different accessories, creams, and jells to style nicely, but using a blow dryer can mold the hairs in the direction and styles they want in no time. Blow dryer saves time and quantity of other products used, giving volume, great style, and a handsome look. 

how to style men's hair with blow dryer

The technique starts with holding the nozzle of the dryer correctly. It goes differently, based on the volume a man is having. For example, if a person has thin hair, it is better to lift the top as it gives their hair a healthier, denser, and fuller look. It seems pretty strange how a little machinery can do such a wonder of changing the man’s entire look. Everyone wants the same volume and fuller as they desire. That is why to fulfill every individual’s goal, a blow dryer is always there but if handled accurately.


Steps For Styling Men’s Hair With A Hair Dryer

At first, people may feel exhausted when they can’t achieve the desired unique style, but it becomes effortless and enjoyable as soon as they learn how to style men’s hair with blow dryer. It gives a perfect shape and appearance to man’s hair to be no more greasy. Follow the below steps:


Step #1. Washing and applying conditioner

Firstly, washing hair before using a blow dryer is a must; otherwise, it won’t work correctly, and the blowing process will fail. Secondly, a Better conditioner and moisturizing shampoo also have a lot to do for getting the best results. Appliances like straighteners and blow dryers release heat which promises the health and quality of hairs making them frizzy and weak. Using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner retains the quality by releasing natural oils, say avocado and coconut. Here’s how to deep condition hair


Step #2. Blotting

As we know, the blow dryer releases direct heat, compromising the hairs if they are wet. To avoid the damage caused by the dryer, it is better to do air dry before blow dry. This includes using towels to remove water. In addition to this, using a microfiber towel is preferred as it removes the excess water without stressing and damaging them. Now check the tips of hairs. If water is not dripping out, it means they are ready for blow-drying.


Step #3. How to comb

The direction is chosen for combining matters for better results. Men should comb in the direction where hairs are already lying. Using comb instead of brush avoids damage and hair fall as brushes make hairs frizzy and troublesome.


Step #4. Protection against heat

Thermal protection products are used to avoid severely damaging heat. These products can come in spray and mousse and should cover every strand.


Step #5. Setting the blow dryer

First comes the heat setting for better experiences and avoiding any harm caused by excessive heat if a dryer has three options for high, medium, and low. We should go for the medium one as it’s insensitive to all the hair types. Besides this, using the lower option is better if a person has weak and curly hair and doesn’t compromise with the quality.


Step #6. Keeping the distance of the blow dryer

Using the dryer at the proper distance is also a skill. Holding it closer to the hairs means eradicating them. The recommended distance between the dryer and hairs should be 6 to 8 inches. Never hold the dryers in a single area for a long time. Try to blow it in a parallel direction to the hairs being blown. The back and forth position of the blow dryer can keep all the areas safe from direct heat.


Step #7. Pushing in the desired direction

It’s pretty easy to mold the direction of the hair. The pressure of the blower in the respective direction can help direct them in that way. Moreover, using fingers and brushes to set them in the desired direction is also productive. The concentrator nozzle keeps the airflow of the blower managed. Forgiving front volume to the hairs, we will lift the hairs with our fingers. In this way, the blower will make the hairs go upward. Using the round brush is the best option for upward-lifting, giving more volume, and keeping them at a distance.


Step #8. Blow drying from underneath

Blowing from underneath and flipping the hairs in a forwarding direction is a better technique if we hurry and don’t have much time. The process includes holding the blow dryer at the head crown and then pulling the hairs at the roots gently with fingers.


Step #9. Final look

Just like we use warm air to give the desired direction to our hairs, we can use the cold setting of the blow dryer to lock that style and make it rigid for a reasonable amount of time. After that, the hair spray gives hairs a finishing, excellent look. The spray should be kept at arm’s length from the hairs.


It’s A Wrap!

All the suggestions mentioned above are clearing out all the uncertainties about how to style men’s hair with blow dryer. Moving the fingers consistently is the best way to have better volume, and it is also necessary when using hair spray as it gives shine and makes them lighter than before. Read more articles; know how to straighten hair with blow dryer andwhat is the best blow dryer for black hair.

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