How To Start Whirlpool Dryer? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you worried about how to start Whirlpool dryer? There are five easy steps that you can try, and these things you will know as you delve into this article further. 

Well, these whirlpool dryers are not challenging to use. Once you understand it, it will be easier to use it. 

how to start Whirlpool dryer

There are a few simple steps to start your whirlpool dryer. My friend, we will discuss all these steps in this article and give you some tips and warnings about starting this dryer. You should know more things, so without further ado, let’s start!


Some Safety Tips Before Drying Your Clothes

Before everything else, let’s learn some safety tips before you should dry your clothes. Here are the following:

  • Before putting the clothes into the whirlpool dryer, always sort white clothes and colored clothes separately. Then, if you put these clothes together and wash them, then the white-colored clothes might catch colors from the colored clothes. 
  • Thick items, such as heavy pants and winter shirts, should be washed separately. This is since various materials require different temperatures to dry. So, to perfectly dry these thick fabric items, use the high-temperature option.
  • Ensure not to overload your machine as there is a risk that your dryer might cause some damage. When your clothes are in the dryer, the dryer drum’s backside can be seen because you ensure that air is circulating when all the clothes are tossing.
  • Close the dryer door tightly to prevent the heat from escaping out of the dryer. This will waste your energy, and your clothes don’t dry perfectly.

Since you are already aware of the safety measures, let’s dive into the steps on how to start a whirlpool dryer:


Steps To Start Whirlpool Dryer 

Here are the steps on how to start Whirlpool dryer:


Step #1. Prepare the dryer 

Open the door of your whirlpool dryer and set the clothing you wish to dry first inside. You may also use a dryer sheet to soften and remove static electricity from your clothes.


Step #2. Select the cycle

To start your dryer, select the power button. Now there are two types of cycle specified in the dryer machine. You can choose an automatic cycle or a timed cycle. Mostly it is highly recommended to select an automatic cycle because, in this option, your dryer can understand where you are in the drying process. Now you are thinking how it will happen? These dryers have integrated sensors that understand the moisture level in your clothing or your load. So, once your dryer senses no moisture left in the clothes. The dryer would automatically stop. Yes, you are thinking right, of course, that’s a great feature present in these whirlpool dryers.


Step #3. Select the temperature

Suppose you choose the timed or manual drying option. You are free to select your own time. To do this, flip the knob on the dryer to set a cycle for your laundry load. Summer clothing is thin, so you must dry them at a low temperature, but winter garments are heavy. Therefore you must use a high temperature to dry heavy clothes.

Touch to activate any additional dryer options like temperature, dryness level, damp-dry signal, wrinkle sheet, etc.


Step #4. Start the dryer

Now touch the start button, and your dryer is now ready to start drying your clothes as per your selected option. Make sure to clean the lint screen before every load. To clean your dryer lint, open your whirlpool dryer door. The lint is located in the bottom; you pull it out and clean it. Now put your lint back in the whirlpool dryer and roll the lint off with your fingers. I guess it’s helpful to read about how to use a washer.


Step #5. Remove the clothes

The dryer alarm sounds when your whirlpool dryer has finished drying the clothes. Open your dryer door, remove your clothing from the dryer, and thoroughly inspect them. If any damp clothing remains, separate the dry items and place the damp garments back into the tumbler to dry for a few minutes longer. You must reset the dryer’s time, flip the knob to the timed cycle, pick the time necessary, then hold or push the start button. Fold the garments that are already dry while your clothes are drying in the dryer.


Warnings Before Operating A Whirlpool Dryer

Here are some warnings for these dryers:


Fire hazard

  • No washer can altogether remove oil.
  • Do not dry anything that has ever had any oil (including cooking oil).
  • Foam rubber or plastic items need to be dried on a clothesline or in an Air cycle.
  • If you fail to follow these instructions, this may result in death or fire.


Explosion hazard

  • Keep your dryer away from flammable materials and vapors, like gasoline.
  • Avoid drying anything that has ever contained flammable on it (even after washing).
  • If you fail to follow these instructions, this may result in death, explosion, or fire. 

To lessen the risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury. Read Important Safety Instructions found in your appliance’s Owner’s Manual before you start operating this appliance. 


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you have the answer to your question: how to start Whirlpool dryer? These are simple, easy steps, and I am sure you will find all of these a breeze. You may also be interested to know how much is Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer and how to reset Whirlpool washer

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