How to Shorten Legs on a Recliner? 5 Easy DIY Project Steps

If you want to shorten the legs on your recliner then this article is for you! In, this article we will provide instructions on how to shorten legs on a recliner.

The steps are so easy that anyone can do them and they will take less than an hour.


How to Shorten Legs on a Recliner

Steps to Shortening the Legs on a Recliner

Step 1. Determine how much you want your recliner’s legs shortened. You can measure the height of your current leg and then cut it down so that they are lower than before, but make sure there is still enough room for feet to fit underneath them comfortably.

To measure the height, take a tape measure and then position it so that you can read how many inches from the floor your current chair’s leg is.

Step 2. Use tin snips to cut through both of the legs about an inch below where you want them shortened.

Step 3. Stick a small wood block underneath one end of each shorted leg and then put a nail through it to make sure that the legs won’t slip.

Step 4. Put the chair back in its regular upright position and then use a level to make sure that both of your new shortened legs are even with each other before securing them with screws.

Step 5. Finally, screw on any caps or decorative pieces you might have removed earlier.


How do You Adjust the Height of a Recliner?

The first step is to measure how high the chair’s leg goes up from the ground. To do this, take a tape measure and then position it so that you can read how many inches from the floor your current chair’s leg is at its highest point.

Next, use tin snips to cut through both of the legs about an inch below the top of your old leg height. Then, put a nail through each shorted leg and then use a level to make sure that both legs are even with each other before securing them in place using screws.


Is Sitting in a Recliner Bad for Your Legs?

Sitting in a recliner for an extended period of time can be bad for your thighs and back if the chair is not positioned at the right height.

The key to avoiding this issue with recliners is getting one that fits perfectly with your body size, and simply adjusting the height as needed.

There are also several ways that you can modify your current recliner to make it fit better, such as shortening the legs or even elevating it off of the ground with some blocks so that you’re not sitting too low.

These modifications will allow for more comfort without sacrificing proper posture.


Is it OK to Sleep in a Recliner Every Night?

Yes, it is fine to sleep in a recliner every night as long as you put on a pillow while sleeping.

A good rule of thumb when deciding if your chair has the right height for sitting or sleeping is that the top edge of the back should be about one inch higher than where you would place your head while laying down.

The back of the chair should also have a little bit more curve to it when in a sitting position so that you can easily lean forward and rest on your chest.

If the chair is too straight, then leaning into it will be difficult without placing both hands on each side for support.

Do not sleep in an oversized recliner, as the back will be too high, and you might not feel very comfortable. An oversized recliner is typically built for sitting, not sleeping.


Posture While Sleeping in a Recliner

#1. Your head should be placed about one inch below the top of the chair’s back cushion. If it is higher than that then your neck muscles will have to work harder.

#2. Laying on your back with a recliner chair is not recommended, since you will be able to feel the hard edge of the armrest digging into your spine.

#3. If it makes more sense for your neck, then try laying on one side and tucking the top half of your body up onto the seat.

#4. The recliner chair should not be used as a full-time bed.

#5. Instead, it can serve as an alternative to the sofa or couch in your living room for watching TV and keeping up with social media when you are too tired to stand after work but don’t want to sleep upright on the floor!


Does Sleeping in a Recliner Help Sciatica?

Some people who have sciatica may find that sleeping in a recliner helps relieve their pain and discomfort. Pregnant women often sleep on one side or the other with an arm wrapped around their stomach, which can be uncomfortable for some individuals.

Lying down flat leaves no space to accommodate growing belly size. The recliner is perfect for pregnancy, as it can be positioned in an easy-to-lie position and reclined to a laying down angle.


Should Your Feet Hang Off a Recliner?

Some people prefer to have their toes just barely touching the floor, while others like them hanging off. It’s more of a personal preference for how you want your feet and legs positioned on the recliner.

Your back will be supported either way since it is higher than where your knees are in this type of position.


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