How To Short Sheet A Bed? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to short sheet a bed? Well, this prank is easy, as simple as folding your sheet and executing the prank itself.

Don’t worry, my friends. It’s harmless, yet fun.

how to short sheet a bed

So, at this moment, you can plan ahead so you’re ready once your victim is about to sleep in bed.

It’s simple as folding the sheets so no one will notice that they’re trapped in this prank.

The first thing that you must know is to understand the sleeping habits of your victim.

So, without further ado, let’s start!

My friends, here are the ways on how to short sheet a bed:


Steps To Short Sheet A Bed

Here are the steps in folding the sheets:


Step #1. Undressing the bed’s top layer

The first thing to do is to remove your comforter. If there are other sheets on the top, remove them.

In this way, you can have access to your fitted sheet.

Remember that it works bed when your bed comes with a flat and fitted sheet.

In case your victim is sleeping under one that doesn’t have a flat sheet, it’s best to try another prank for him.


Step #2. Tucking the flat sheet at your bed’s head

Just like what you do normally, spread out the sheets to make your bed.

Instead you tuck the sheets on the bed’s foot, do so on the head.

My friends, this is important as it’s the main part of our prank.

Make sure to straighten the sheets, allowing it to rest along your bed.

If the person you’ll be pranking is an impeccable bed-maker, make sure that you didn’t leave any sheet wrinkled, otherwise, he will notice it.


Step #3. Folding the sheet’s bottom edge

Now, you can take the sheet’s edge on the bed’s foot.

Fold this up the bed’s head.

Make sure to have one that looks like a flat sheet, with the sheet’s edge that rests under your pillows.

Then again, if your victim is quite organized, you have to know how he folds his sheet.


Step #4. Making the bed

Now, you can make the bed.

Place your blankets, pillows, and bedspreads.

Cover it such that the folds you made are covered by the top layers.

Again, you must recreate it in such a way the victim would make his bed.


Step #5. Hiding in the room before he goes to bed

It’s time for you to watch for your victim to get in his bed.

There, you will see his feet trapped in your fold.

When you see him struggle and confuse, you can scare him out.


Execute The Prank: To Short Sheet A Bed

Here are the steps on how to execute to short sheet a bed:


Step #1. Knowing the schedule of your victim

The first thing that you should do is to understand the sleeping schedule of your victim.

This trick is very simple, especially if you’re living with the victim.

Knowing his sleep schedule will make it easier for you to execute the plan.

For instance, if he’s sleeping until 11 PM, then you have all the time to prepare prior to that.


Step #2. Learning his daytime schedule

Given you’ve known your victim’s day schedule, you can now prepare on how you can prank him.

Say for instance, he goes to work or school.


Step #3. Observing how he makes his bed

As I mentioned earlier, it’s best to know how your victim makes his bed.

The more it looks normal, the less likely he will be suspicious about it.

Don’t you ever try to snoop on your victim, otherwise, he’ll suspect you of the prank.


Step #4. Documenting the bed

Do you know that some of us are good when it comes to visual cue?

So, go get your camera and picture what your victim’s bed looks like.

In this way, you’ll be confident even if you should tamper his bed.

The picture would be something you’ll base on to make the bed again.


Tips To Short Sheet A Bed

Here are the tips that you should know for you to short sheet a bed:

The key is for you to fold the flat sheet’s foot into the bed’s head.

Do so in such a way that it appears as if it has been done by the victim.

In case the looks on every side is different, or the flat and fitted sheets appear different, the look may not be natural.

Also, you should be prepared to fix the sheets of your victim once you’re done with the prank; he may not be too pleased for that.

Lastly, you should know that it will not be effective if his bed doesn’t have a layer to put over your flat sheet.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you’re done with the prank.

You’ve already known how to short sheet a bed.

Did you enjoy the preparation? Is your victim still in shock?

Just say sorry afterwards, if you are!

Hopefully, you have had fun.

Have a great day, my friends!

Enjoy the prank.

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