How to Shop for Car Insurance Reddit? 7 Helpful Ways To Do!

Are you interested to know how to shop for car insurance Reddit? There are seven fantastic ways that you should consider, and these things you will know as you read this article further.

If you want to know more, then here’s an effective guide that will avoid questions and confusion regarding car insurance. This is true especially if you still have any clarifications and questions. Truly, it feels good to get some advice being the first-time insured.

how to shop for car insurance Reddit

There are so many things that you should know about this topic, so read further this article. So, without further ado, let’s start!


Ways To Shop For Car Insurance Reddit

Highlighted below are the things to keep in mind when shopping for car insurance.

#1. Know first the coverage types

The car policy is commonly divided into various types of coverages. It will be outlined accordingly to basic types. It somehow varies from one company to another. It depends upon the company and its variations like definitions or exclusions. Moreover, states have various coverage requirements and options and minimum requirements.


Collision insurance policy

This policy covers accidental damage to a car. It results from colliding with a stationary object or car. It is required if you have a car loan. If there’s no loan, this is just optional coverage.

Nonetheless, this is not worth your money spent if an emergency fund is already present. That’s if the latter fund can cover a new car after an accident. It’s up to you to decide if you’ll drop the collision insurance policy. It’s recommended to consult an agent in this regard.

The thing about a consulting agent is quotes are broken down for you. They will tell you the costs to keep the insurance on your vehicle. Thus, you can best decide if it’s a big help in times of trouble.


The bodily injury liability

This type is the same as property damage liability. It covers not the car but the person injured. It pays for the pain & suffering, medical bills, funeral service, and wage loss. It’s often used by people affected by a car hit. It even covers the passengers inside your car and the pedestrians that you hit.

Nonetheless, remember that this doesn’t cover a faulty driver. Two limits are presented, varying on the occurrence and the person. One good example to take note of is the fifty over one-hundred.

It will cover up to 100,000 dollars for a particular accident. But, each person will be limited to 50,000 dollars. Similar to the property damage liability, this one holds you liable for further damages. That’s true if the limits are not sufficient enough. It’s recommended to settle to a minimum of one-hundred over three hundred.


Underinsured/uninsured motorist

This coverage differs from one state to another. It covers an accident where the other person is at fault. And if they do not have enough or any insurance. It can help you if the accident is a hit and run. The insurance will cover the charges if the liable party cannot pay.

It can offer further protection if you cannot work or you’re staying in the hospital. In addition, this will cover the lost wages after the accident. It can also cover the need for home care.


Personal injury protection

It can cover medical bills to whoever party is at fault. Only that, this comes with a threshold requiring you to reach a specific amount of medical bills. It is for the coverage to kick in finally. One more thing, it covers other expenses like wage loss. To understand better, know what Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims after a car accident is. 


Med Pay/ medical payments

This policy primarily covers medical bills. It best applies no matter which has caused the accident. It works well if you have limited to no health insurance. It is still lovely even if you have health insurance. There will be no copays or deductibles that come with it.


#2. Shop around

It’s high time to learn how to shop for car insurance Reddit. It’ll help to consult an agent. Obtain quotes online. Each company comes with a different formula. Also, more factors must be considered for the pricing. Look for a company that has the best formula to benefit the most.  If I were you, check out Reddit’s best and cheapest options to save on car insurance


#3. Pay your car insurance upfront

Not everybody knows that it’s better to pay their car insurance upfront. It is a lot better than paying for it monthly. Good thing, companies can offer you a discount for making payment right away. Use your rewards credit card for some additional cashback. Avoid paying the interest by paying it in full.


#4. Get the deductibles adjusted

This makes sense but at times, it doesn’t. It’s in the pricing of the company and the comfort it offers despite its risk. One example is an individual that buys insurance with an increase in deductible from 500dollars to 1000dollars. It will save him 8-dollars every six months or 1.33 dollars every month.

This is noted to work more in your favor if you go for 375 months with no accident. If you’re a safe driver, choose a big emergency fund covering large deductibles. Increase your deductibles to save more dollars.


#5. Enjoy huge discounts with a bundle

Obtain a renter’s/homeowners car insurance from the same company. A huge discount is offered when you go for a bundle. Also, look closely into the term life as suggested. That’s if you have dependents or children.


#6. Show your defensive driving course taken

Get more discounts after showing your defensive driving course taken. It ensures the discount will offset the cost.


 #7. Obtain an UBI

UBI stands for usage-based insurance. Choose this if you don’t drive more often. Companies often offer a discount. It is upon the installation of a device in a car. This device does the job of monitoring the driving habits for several months.

Companies then lower a premium after the installation. Just as sure to have the safest driving results possible. Now the premium comes along with the discount mentioned.



Follow this guide on how to shop for car insurance Reddit particularly if you’re a first-time buyer. Ensure to do a re-evaluation of your options after every six months. Get the best rate possible every time! For more insurance articles, read how to get a pet scan covered by insurance and how to find out your insurance policy number. Until here, my friends! Thanks for stopping by!

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