How To Ship A Mattress. The Best 3-Step Guide

It only takes three steps to understand how to ship a mattress. You might be storing your mattress in another facility, or you might be moving to another area. Regardless, knowing the proper way to ship this bulky item will help avoid hassle and additional expenses. 

This guide will help you plan and go through the process to keep the shipping stress-free. However, it’s also worth noting the various considerations for every individual. 

How To Ship A Mattress


How To Ship A Mattress Yourself


Step #1. Prepare for shipping

Shipping your mattress is relatively straightforward, but the trickiest part of the process is the preparation. Not everyone knows how to disassemble the bed and remove everything to prepare for shipping. Start removing everything that covers or on top of the mattress. 

They include the comforter, bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and bed skirt if there are any. Pack these items separately to keep them from getting dirty or damaged during travel. You may also need to disassemble the bed frame, especially when moving out. 

Follow the structure of the frame and collect the small pieces in one bag. It would be best if you did this yourself, so you can put the frame together once you arrived in the new place. 


Step #2. Get the mattress information

Now that you’re left with just the mattress, you must get its dimensions for filling up the shipping company’s requirements. Get the mattress size using a measuring tape and jot down the height, length, and width. You can also search for the mattress you’re using from the company website and get its information. 

You will also need your mattress’s weight, but if you can’t find it, you should get a quick idea based on the mattress size. A toddler mattress can be around 25 pounds, while a twin mattress is about 55 pounds. On the other hand, a full mattress typically weighs 70 pounds, while a queen and king are around 110 to 125 pounds, respectively. 

Do note that these are just assumptions, and the mattress type and height will affect the weight. More so, the packing materials you’re using will add some weight to your package. 


Step #3. Schedule and wait

After identifying what you’re shipping, you should be ready to select a company to get your shipping quote. You can choose from FedEx, UPS, Freight Pros, Uship, and TSI Shipping in the US, to name a few. Depending on the shipping provider you’ve selected, you should find out how much your costs will be. 

You’ll use the information from step two, your addresses for point A to point 5, your contact information, and dates for pick-up and delivery. You can also opt just to drop at the facility to save the extra fee from pick-ups. Once confirmed with the shipping company, you can wait for further instructions and get your mattress ready for shipping. 

You may need to use bubble wrap or put the mattress in a cover to protect it entirely during shipping. Opt for materials like waterproof vinyl to prevent common issues like mold growth, bed bugs, or allergens. Check every part of your mattress to reinforce the critical areas, and you’re done!


Is It Worth It To Ship A Mattress?

Shipping your mattress is worth it, even if the costs somehow turn you off. You can move the mattress yourself, but what if you don’t have the vehicle or the time to do so? You have to remember that you’re paying for the convenience and safety of your mattress. 

Because of its size, it can be hard to ship it without the risk of damaging the mattress along the way. Some companies even offer to do the pack-up for you, so step number 1 is possibly unnecessary. And if there’s a considerable distance from your current location to the new one, there’s no doubt that shipping a mattress is the sensible choice. 


How Can I Ship My Bed To Another State?


Shipping provider or a professional mover

The fastest way to ship your bed to another state is to contact a shipping provider. However, if you have some budget, opt for a professional moving company. Compared to shipping companies, professional movers will usually take care of everything from wrapping to unloading.


Moving truck

What if your budget is limited? DIY mattress shipping from one state to another is still possible, and you can rent a moving truck. You can follow the first step earlier, and then carefully load it into the vehicle.


Container shipment

The final option worth noting for those moving their bed to another state is container shipment. You’ll pack your bed in the company’s portable box, and they will pick it up for you.



Perhaps you’re moving to a new state, and you’re stressing how you can bring your bed with you. It’s always useful to know how to ship a mattress and which option will save you the trouble in time, convenience, and cost. For starters, you can contact a shipping provider and do the preparation yourself

Deconstruct your bed and consider if you want the company to get the mattress in your home or you’ll just drop it in their facility. Your other options are container shipment or renting a moving truck if you want to go the DIY route. But if you want a less involved approach, allocate some budget and hire professional movers.