How To Sew A Lapped Zipper In A Pillow? In 8 Easy Steps

Are you very curious to know how to sew a lapped zipper in a pillow? Sometimes you need to look over it because the zip is hidden from within.

That means you need to scan every side of it. So you should take the time to study and discover how.

how to sew a lapped zipper in a pillow

Hiding the zipper in a pillow is so elegant and very neat to see. It will certainly look like one that is made by a professional seamstress or tailor.

Making everything neat adds beauty and comfort when using your pillow.  And the steps for doing so are simple to execute.

Continue reading, and very soon, you will discover how straightforward the instructions are, and certainly, you will enjoy them!


Steps To Sew A Lapped Zipper In A Pillow

Here are the steps in sewing a lapped zipper in your pillow:


Step #1. Know the things you will need

Prepare first the things you will need; surely, you will know how to sew a lapped zipper in a pillow.

Here are just some of the things that you will be using:

Of course, your ever-friendly sewing machine, your pillow cover, or cloth that is good enough for a 20 inches pillow.

Use the fabric of your choice. But make sure to identify the right side of your fabric.

I suggest you get 2 pieces of 11-1/2 inches by 20-1/2 inches rectangles clothes 

Not to mention, you should have a thread that matches your fabric. 

Don’t forget the zipper; but for today’s project, you need a 16″ zipper. This consideration will vary according to the pillow you want to make. 

Also, you will need a zipper foot attachment. It is needed for thicker clothes.


Step #2. Preparing your fabric

Fold 1 inch of a long edge of your rectangles, then press. Or you may press it using a flat iron to secure the fold and eliminate the crumple.

It is better to wash the fabric first and iron it. 

Do this on the wrong side of your fabric. 


Step #3. Putting it in place

With the right side up and the fold against the zipper’s teeth, place it on the center.

Pin or put a tape to ensure that the zipper is in place.

In this way, you will continuously sew it without worrying about adjusting your fabric.

In sewing, you have to make sure the proper place of everything to lessen the error.

Once you started sewing it and you got wrong, it will give you too much effort to repeat your work. 

The worst is you will sacrifice some of your materials. So make sure you’re doing it right. 


Step #4. Stitching it

Make sure that your zipper is in place.

Use a zipper foot attachment in your machine to adjust to your zip’s right position before sewing it.

This zipper foot allows the needle to stitch to the edge of a thick material like your zipper or thick clothes.

This zipper foot is a detachable part that can be attached to your sewing machine if needed. 


Step #5. Sewing the sides

With the right side up, place the remaining rectangle within the zipper section.

Connect the unsewn side of the zipper to the edge of your cloth by carefully stitching it.

Remember to use a pin or tape to secure the area you want to stitch. Adjust the zipper foot to the position you want.


Step #6. More sewing

With the rectangle that you have just finished sewing, fold the material over the exposed zipper to overlap over it and will open by about ½ inch.

Parallel within the fold, put a pin very close to the folded edge to again secure your work. 

Following the stitch line, turn the pillow back over and sew the lapped edge of your cloth


Step #7. The final stitch

Now remove the pins or tapes that you put on your fabric.

Then on each long side of the back, make a measure of 1 inch then stitch the loose end on each side of a closed zipper.

Backstitch from the upper portion and the lower portion of an open zipper. In doing so, it can put a stoppage on both ends of your zipper


Step #8. The stuffing

Stitch together the top and back of your pillow.

Use the right side of your cloth stitch around the sides with enough seam allowance to avoid fraying. 

Turn the right side out, and now your pillow is ready!

Do you want something that is filled with stuff? If you prefer foam, that’s okay; you may choose your preferred stuff. Then close the zipper.

There you go! You now have a very beautiful pillow with a hidden zipper on it. 


Wrap It Up!

There you have it! After knowing the steps on how to sew a lapped zipper in a pillow, you can undoubtedly make one for yourself; and it can be done in just a few simple steps.

Conceal the zipper in your pillow; you will eventually be delighted you made it—nothing to mark the appearance of your pillow.

The stuffing is also secured, with no gapping spaces on it.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your things and start doing your pillow with a lapped zipper on it. 

Happy sewing!