7 DIY Steps on How to Set Up a Graco Pack N Play Bassinet

Are you expecting a new baby and want to provide the best bassinet? Setting up a Graco pack n play a bassinet is really easy. Read this how to set up a Graco pack n play bassinet blog post for instructions on how to do so in 7 easy steps.


how to set up a Graco pack n play bassinet

Steps on How to Set Up a Graco Pack N Play Bassinet

Step One: Unfold the Pack N Play bassinet, and place it on a flat surface. Make sure that the mattress pad is securely placed in its designated spot. This will ensure proper support for your baby when they are sleeping.

Step Two: Open out each of the side panels from their folded position by pressing down with both hands at either end until you hear them click into place.

Step Three: Check if all four sides have locked into place properly at every corner before placing your infant inside or using it as a changing station during diaper changes.

Step Four: Once your baby is placed inside the unit, you can then secure it in place by pressing down on the centre of each side until they click into place.

Step Five: If your baby is using this as a changing station during diaper changes press down on the middle panel.

Step Six: To fold back and store away after use simply press in on both sides at either end and push downwards with one hand while holding onto the handle at the top with another hand. The unit should collapse easily.

Step Seven: When finished folding back up, make sure to place the unit flat on its bottom before attempting to store it away in an upright position. Otherwise, it may topple over and become damaged or even cause injury to your infant.


What is the weight limit for Graco Pack N Play?

Graco Pack N Play bassinets can hold up to 30 pounds.

Your baby mustn’t exceed this weight limit as the Graco Pack ‘N Play is not recommended for use with children who are over 30 pounds.

As an extra safety precaution, make sure you stop using it once your child begins trying to climb out or becomes too mobile and starts crawling around in it. Babies should also never be left unattended when inside of a pack n play. NEVER!

This includes leaving them alone while they sleep. It’s very dangerous how babies become trapped between the mattress/pad and bars on these types of units if there isn’t anything stopping them from rolling off onto their stomachs which could lead to suffocation.


Is Graco Pack N Play bassinet safe for a newborn?

As long as the mattress is clean and replaced regularly, the pack n play should be just fine. However, this unit does not come with a mattress so it will need to be purchased separately if you do choose to use one in your infant’s sleep area.

If using without a separate pad or sheet then make sure that all bedding such as pillows and blankets are kept away from sleeping babies at night time.

It only comes with four breathable mesh sides which may pose suffocation risks during overnight hours when they’re left open while the baby sleeps inside of it.

While there have been no reported incidences regarding injury due to how these playpens are made; parents should be aware of how they operate to maintain safe sleeping habits for their little ones.


How to Remove a bassinet from a Graco Pack N Play

if you’ve already set up a bassinet in your Graco Pack N Play and want to remove it for whatever reason there’s no need to worry as it’s quite simple.

First, ensure that the parent unit is unplugged at both ends of the power cord from an outlet or surge protector .

Then, lift on one end of baby bed mattress support frame until it releases from storage compartment located underneath where baby sleeps inside during nighttime hours. Fold down either side of the bottom area until they’re lying flat against the main body.

To completely detach infant sleeping space, pull each leg out simultaneously until release snaps can be heard around their respective holes while lifting slightly.

Be sure to keep both hands gripping your legs while doing so. Finally, place the baby sleeping mattress in its designated spot and that the two side areas are facing you before pushing down on each leg until it locks into position.


Can a baby sleep in a pack and play every night?

Pack and play bassinets are generally used for naps during the day, so it is possible to have the baby sleep in one overnight. However, they do not come with any sort of mattress or padding, meaning that parents will need to provide their own sleeping surface regardless of how long they plan on using pack and play as an alternative place for an infant’s rest.


Where should I place my Graco pack play?

It is ideal to put your child’s Graco Pack ‘N Play next to the parent bed while you are still pregnant. While this can be difficult later into pregnancy due to getting out of bed often, having your newborn right there beside you simplifies once she arrives.

If you are unable to place your play yard right next to the bed, it is best placed near where most of your time will be spent. This way you can keep a constant eye on how things are going with the baby without having to constantly get up and move around.

Keeping the Pack ‘N Play nearby also makes nighttime diaper changes easier since this means fewer steps between your sleeping or resting space and wherever the pack’s play happens to be located at that moment.

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