How to Rework A 80s Style Leather Loveseat

You may pass down an excellent piece of furniture through generations. Nonetheless, it may require upkeep and, sometimes, a makeover. But, how to rework 80s style leather loveseat?

A leather living room collection will add a touch of luxury to the design of your home. Leather, on the other hand, is easily punctured, ripped, and torn. Particularly on the arm of your couch or loveseat, which gets much wear.

how to rework a 80s style leather loveseat

If your old loveseat looks a little worn, don’t throw it out without first attempting to improve its appearance. Even if you’ve owned one for a few years, it doesn’t make sense to buy a new one. With these simple DIY techniques, you can quickly give your old sofa a new premium look.


What is a Loveseat?

Loveseats are two-seat sofas that are bigger versions of armchairs.  However,  loveseats, also known as double-chairs, are frequently combined with more significant couches. Its present uses include small-space sitting, informal corporate break-out areas, and pleasant reading places in libraries or coffee shops.


How to Rework A 80s Style Leather Loveseat?

You can now update the necessary furnishings.  However, before you do anything else, look for scratches.  You must fix them before they may be updated.   


How to Fix Scratches

First, clean the damaged area with a damp white cloth, preventing further damage around the marks. There is no dye transfer to the bonded leather. Because a white fabric is used rather than a colored cloth, allow enough time for the sofa to dry completely.

The repair kit provides a small jar. Combine some of the leather restoration products with the appropriate tint or tints. A color mixing guide is included with the package to mimic the most common leather or bonded leather upholstery colors.

Plug an iron and set the temperature to low or medium, following the repair kit’s instructions. Depending on the manufacturer, these instructions may differ. Before beginning the project, read the instructions.

Apply a tiny amount of the colored leather repair mixture to the damaged areas in all directions, including the scratches. Then, simply apply with a sponge and let dry. It’s straightforward to do yourself, and it’s a lot less expensive than buying a new leather loveseat.

Cover the mended area with the leather grain paper included in the repair kit. Iron the paper’s surface, shifting the iron every few seconds to transfer the texture pattern to the repair. Allow the area to cool for a few minutes before removing the paper.


You’ve just fixed the scratches! Next, It’s time to rework the aging loveseat.


Fill it in with Poly-Fil.

Poly-Fil, which is widely available in craft stores, is a mix of polyester fibers that is both durable and cheap. Fill the seatbacks with polyester fluff and cover the seat cushions in quilt batting. This opulent leather sofa appears to be ten years younger.


Replace the legs on your loveseat

Do you want to update the appearance of your old loveseat? Or can you assist in transforming your old-fashioned sofa into something a little more custom-looking? Replace the legs.


Paint your Loveseat

Put leather paint to the test on an old sofa, for sure the results are unexpectedly stunning, despite our reservations. In certain places, The antique leather couch is still visible. We don’t mind at all because we like the worn look.


Tuft a sagging old loveseat

Simply adding tufts to drooping sofa cushions may make them appear a lot perkier. However, the effect is still powerful. That’s how you make a bespoke loveseat.


Purchase a Slipcover

Adding a slipcover is one of the simplest methods to transform your loveseat’s style and decor drastically. Many well-known manufacturers provide bespoke covers that are custom-made to fit your old couch exactly. They may not work as precisely as a bespoke covering, but the impact on an unappealing one.


Accentuate and accessorize

A leather loveseat might not only appear frigid, but it can also feel cold. A couple of throw pillows and a blanket are a great way to brighten and warm up your leather sofa. Make sure your pillows and blankets match a color scheme or pattern.

Pillows and blankets aren’t the only ways to dress up your leather sofa and make it more appealing. Enhance your room with a big rug to add that woven effect that will go nicely with your leather couch. We’d be delighted to assist you with accessorizing your leather loveseat so that your house remains as comfy as possible.


Light and brilliance

Don’t be scared to use bold colors in your color schemes!  For example, you may find a leather loveseat in a variety of hues, but the majority of the time, leather loveseats are dark. Therefore, to thoroughly contrast the gloom of the space, we recommend introducing some lightness.

Leather loveseats are eye-catching items. When you walk into a room,  the stunning leather loveseat draws your eyes. Lighter accessories help balance the light-to-dark ratio in your space, making it like a home rather than a gloomy dungeon.



This article guides you on how to rework a 80s leather loveseat. The leather furniture makes it wonderful to sit in any house, but it is sometimes necessary to add a personal touch to blend in. Follow the procedures indicated above for subsequent repairs and upgrades.


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