How To Reset Sunbeam Electric Blanket: 6 Easy Steps

Learning how to reset sunbeam electric blanket is important, especially if you want to stay warm during the cold weather.


how to reset sunbeam electric blanket

You can simply turn off then on the controls. Usually, that’s all it takes to get it back on working again.


However, if it doesn’t work, you’ll need something more technical than just restarting your controls.


Sometimes fixing things on your own is cheaper than hiring someone to get it done or even buying yourself a new one.


Keep on reading as we present you a series of steps on repairing sunbeam electric blankets that you can do at home!


What Is An Electric Blanket?

An electric blanket is typically made from heavy and robust material with a complex wiring system that produces heat.


Getting a good night’s sleep during winter is not a dream anymore because this product will help you get cozy at night.


You may also adjust the heat settings to your liking. Most electric blankets come with an auto-off feature that automatically turns the heating off after a certain number of hours.


It is called “electric” because you have to plug it in into the nearest power outlet beside your bed to use it.


Check out this guide about electric blankets to know more. 


How To Know If My Blanket Isn’t Working

The first indicator that your heating product is not working is it’s not heating up like it used to. When you wrap yourself with it, there’s no extra warmth—just plain bedding.


You can also get your screwdrivers out and check the blanket’s control unit to see the problem.


If the cord or connections inside the control unit is loose, that might be the reason why your blanket is not getting enough power to produce heat.


Another sign that it’s not properly working is when you have it for so long. Just like every other electronic, the connections and wirings degrade over time, even if you’re taking good care of it. 


6 Steps On How To Reset Sunbeam Electric Blanket


Step#1. Look if the “FF” is blinking

Most electric blankets come with a digital control system. This system is responsible for regulating the amount of heat that circulates inside the blanket.


It also protects your blanket from overheating, which can be a fire hazard if left unattended.


Check your gradient controls if the “FF” is flashing. It means that there’s something wrong with the blanket.


Step#2. Do a fold test

Modern heating products like sunbeam electric blankets don’t get warm instantly. However, the heat gradually builds up when you turn it on.


Before doing anything else, do first a fold test to ensure that your blanket is indeed not heating up properly.


You can do this by folding your blanket, just like how you fold it when you’re about to store it away.


Get the controls without unfolding the blanket and turn on the heating to the highest option.


Wait for a few minutes and place your hand on top of the blanket. If it’s not warm, then you need to reset it. 


Step#3. Read the user manual

When you buy any electronic device, it always comes with a paper or a little book.


It’s a user or an instruction manual containing essential details about the warranty and how to use the product appropriately.


It will also provide helpful information that you can use to repair or troubleshoot your electric blanket on your own.


Some people don’t even bother and often ignore the benefits of reading a user manual. Take time to read to know what to do when your blanket is not working properly. 


Step#4. Unplug

Carefully unplug your electric blanket from the power outlet. Inspect whether the plug is dirty. If it is, grab a tissue and wipe the dirt off.


You should also check if all the connections are tight. The problem usually with electric blankets not heating enough is because these are loose.


Use electrical tape to tighten and keep those connections altogether. 


Wait for 10 to 15 minutes before plugging it again.


Step #5. Plug it back again

Before plugging your electric blanket back on, you should first carefully remove all metal objects or pins attached to the blanket.


You must do this to avoid shocking yourself when you plug it back on. 


You should also avoid plugging your electric blanket in an extension cord where it has to compete with other appliances for power.


Make sure your blanket has its own power outlet to avoid blowing up the fuse. 


Step#5. Call Sunbeam support

This isn’t necessarily a step, but the last option when all the tips about it doesn’t work.


Sunbeam recommends you contact their customer support when this happens. They will give you instructions about how to fix your blanket. 


When calling Sunbeam support, make sure that you provide all information needed. This will help them track down what the problem is and what is the best solution for it.



Now that you know how to reset sunbeam electric blanket, you can go and fix your own!


However, it’s noteworthy to mention here that you should always be careful when dealing with electronics, blankets included.


Practice caution when handling electric blankets. This way, you can keep yourself safe and warm during chilly weather conditions!