How To Replace A Heater Blend Door Actuator? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to replace a heater blend door actuator? Don’t worry, and you have arrived at the right place. Loosen the anchoring nuts that support the under dashboard plastic cover on the passenger seat with a tiny wrench and wrench. Search for these fasteners because they might be hidden.

After every one of the anchoring bolts has been discovered and loosened, grab the covering and carefully peel it away underneath the dashboard. This will reveal the heater panel, with numerous controls and any cabling.

how to replace a heater blend door actuator

The actuator is among the more straightforward pieces to repair because it swings underneath the box. Start by releasing the wire security clasp on the actuator wire with a tiny screw. Be cautious with these clips since they can be fragile and shatter. Keep reading to discover more.


What Is Heater Blend Door Actuator?

The blend door actuator seems to be an electrical HVAC motor that works in conjunction with the sensor in the temperature controller to open and close doors. Its input signal is passed through the actuator whenever you alter the airflow strength or the temperature scale down and up.   The blend door actuator determines if the air will enter through the semi-vent ground vents and regulate freezing, among other things. The dual blend door actuator is found in certain vehicles, allowing the driver to manage the temperature in various time zones. 

The double blend door actuator is generally present in recent automobiles, and it allows you to regulate the temperature for the front and rear passengers individually. While you change the temperature control dial to bring in hot air whenever the car is chilly, or conversely, your blend door would have to bring in a proper perspective. To avoid heat gain in the vehicle, the actuators will switch to the closed state if cold air is required.


Signs Of Bad Blend Door Actuator

Turn your air conditioning and temperature control unit and consider the dashboard when you’re having troubles with climate control. Assume you notice a buzzing or gentle clicking sound coming from the dashboard’s center section, in which the

HVAC device’s control knobs reside. Such implies a faulty blend door actuator in that scenario. Blend door actuator sound is often a subtle buzzing or whirring sound beneath the dash. That’s not frequent; however, the blend door actuator was usually to blame if you hear a banging sound beneath the glove compartment. Whenever you drive your car or activate the HVAC system, they will listen to a striking sound, indicating a problem with the blend door actuator.


Steps To Replace A Heater Blend Door Actuator

By using this straightforward procedure, you might just save money on blend door actuator replacement. Anyway, you may want to know why does my car heater not work. Well, users will be liable for the payment of the component. Based on the car type, you’ll need standard mechanic equipment, including hand tools and a 5.5-millimeter socket pair based on the car type. Read the below-mentioned steps carefully to learn how to replace a heater blend door actuator.


Step #1. Pull the lower dashboard lid or the glove box

With such a screwdriver or even a tiny wrench pair and ratcheting lever, detach your glove compartment on the side of the car of the dash. The anchoring bolts for the glove compartment are typically buried, so find them and loosen them. Lift the glove compartment or the beneath dashboard panel carefully once those anchoring bolts have been gone.


Step #2. Disable the actuator for the blend door

The actuator is mounted to the heater unit or next to it. Using a wrench, unscrew the wire clamps. You must use caution since these clips are delicate and can shatter. Push the button on the wire socket and take it off after releasing the clamps. The connection’s rust and corrosion should be checked since they might create friction. If necessary, wipe the relationship using an electric cleanser. Then, unscrew the actuator’s fastening screws. Typically, 2 or 3 bolts are used. When removing certain screws from a concealed location, you may require a tiny universal adapter. You may either let the actuator fall off or carefully wriggle it off.


Step #3. Install new blend door actuator

Consider the two actuators by placing these near together. Try to see whether the wiring loom is identical. This is particularly important if, indeed, the new actuator is aftermarket. Continue with the system restore while both actuators would be the same. Hand-install the actuator and the anchoring screws. Use a wrench or socket pair to carefully thread the bolts, being careful not to overtighten them because they are entering the plastic threads. Sockets the wire connection after you’ve torqued up the actuator.


Step #4. Restore the glovebox 

Offer you a feeling of scepticism after replacing the mix door actuator and double-check the work. Put the lid or glove compartment in a position now—Hand-thread all the screws. Fasten the first bolt after you’ve hammered in the others by hand to prevent making the subsequent screws challenging to place. You can also learn how much it does cost to fix a heater blend door actuator. Start the engine after an install and check whether the hard work has paid off by switching the temperature control knobs to various zones. 


It’s A Wrap!

We are happy to know that you have learned how to replace a heater blend door actuator. The door blend actuator is an essential part of your car’s vehicle, if you find it improper immediately replace it by following the above-mentioned tips. Thank you, friends, for staying with us. Here’s how much to fix car heater.

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