How To Replace A Burner On A Glass Top Stove? 6 Easy Steps!

How to replace a burner on a glass top stove? Your smooth glass cooktop masks its bright bronze components for simple cleaning, and access to a branch might seem to be a very invasive operation if an element does not heat up over time. Hence, you need to be equipped with some knowledge of replacing a burner on a glass-top stove.

Most types of cooktops allow you to remove the entire glass plate to reach the burners underneath. It takes only a few minutes to swap a burner using essential hand tools that you can find nearly anywhere. Just make sure that the removed glass is carefully stored on a safe surface to minimize damages when doing this project.

how to replace a burner on a glass top stove

Below, we will be providing instructions for this project and other relevant information that you need to know.


What Are The Things Needed?

Before anything else, you need to gather some tools and materials to replace the burner. We have listed them below to make them easier for you. Ensure to make all of them readily available.

  • Screwdriver
  • Clean cloth
  • A pair of safety gloves


Steps To Replace A Burner On A Glass Top Stove

How to replace a burner on a glass top stove? While you must switch off rare, hard-wired cooktops and stoves in the main electrical panel. Use a contactless circuit tester to ensure that power on the stove is turned off to prevent unintentional electric shocks. Follow the steps below.


Step #1. Turning off the power to the stove

We frequently forget that such devices utilize electricity, but we must unplug the power supply to minimize the risk of shock while using any electrical instrument.

These stoves are generally connected to an outlet but can alternatively be connected directly to the home. When the range is connected to a wall outlet, slide the range forward and pull the plug. If your unit is linked to your house’s electric system, the power must be disabled when the circuit breaker at the junction panel is disabled.


Step #2. Opening the stovetop

Consider how you could access the burners and inside the stove if it was a car: you would just have to pull the glass to the hood to get to the engine. Before lifting the top of the range, you must unload and remove the screws that secure it.

To discover these twists, open the door of the oven and inspect the lip. Set them aside with an electric or manual screwdriver. Be cautious when you raise the top because it is fragile and made of glass. To make your task safer and simple, ask a helper to keep it while you are working.


Step #3. Removing the components

The top is open, and you can see that the heating components, like on a conventional stove, are fixed in two flat metal bars. As these bars are attached to the metal frame, your scrapped part must be removed using a screwdriver. Remove the screws carefully and preserve them.

Then remove the burners from their sockets gently and position them on a sturdy surface. Take a photograph of the cable where the damaged spool is and use it to reference the original position of each part when you install the replacement.


Step #4: Removing the wires

Remove all wires from the spiral that you will replace. You can use a pair of pins if they are hesitant to be removed. However, if you too tightly compress the connection, you risk damaging it. Instead, turn over the whole component and remove the mounting clamps which hold the element attached to the metal bar. The amount of components you need to acquire is generally only evident once the spindle is removed.


Step #5. Installing the new burner

Select the new element on the metal bar and proceed to the previous pictures for directions on connecting to the cable. Next, lift the piece and align it on top of the glass with the screw hole. Learn more of this in this article on how to replace a burner on your glass top stove.


Step #6. Closing the stovetop

Just put your top of the glass range into position and fasten it with the previously used screws. Then, check to verify if your replacement has been effective by reconnecting the range or turning the power on.


How Would You Know That Your Burner Need A Replacement?

Just detach a burner from another block, plug in the burner, and switch to verify whether the burner is faulty. It’s time to change the substitute burner if it becomes too warm. This test does not need the stove to be unplugged.


Why Is It That One Of My Stove Burners Does Not Work?

If a burner of your electric stove does not heat, it may be due to a faulty burner, a broken connector, or the damaged switch in the burner socket. In other words, the plug is pressed on the burner socket. The connections in the burner socket might disrupt, which does not provide electricity.

When the ties seem to be burnt, you need to check the socket because it is probably the issue.


It’s A Wrap!

After reading the entire post, you have probably realized that the steps on how to replace a burner on a glass top stove are not as hard as it sounds. However, you might want to learn things to avoid with a glass-top stove as a guide to help you replace your glass-top stove. For more articles, here are some directions on where to buy a burner for the stove or where to buy wood for wood burning stove if you are interested. Thanks for your time!

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