How To Repair Water-Damaged Particle Board Cabinets: 5 Steps

Are you curious about how to repair water-damaged particle board cabinets? Well, we will help you answer all your questions through this article!

Particle board cabinets are prone to water damages. Water damages can result from water dripping off the dishes, steams, rain, or floods. It causes a lot of stress because it can take too much time to repair.

how to repair water-damaged particle board cabinets

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How Can You Repair A Water-Damaged Particle Board Cabinet?

Repairing a water-damaged particle board cabinet does not need to cause you difficulties. There are easy steps to make your cabinet good as new. These are the following:


Step #1. Drying the water-damaged areas

Initially, let your particle board cabinet dry up. This process may take you a lot of time, but using a hairdryer can help you. Use the waiting time for preparing the materials needed for the repair.


Step #2. Buffing off the raised areas

After drying your particle board cabinet, start buffing off the uneven areas. You can use medium-grit sandpaper to level the surface properly.

Through this process, you can expose the dried areas of the cabinet. You can also smoothen it with fine-grit sandpaper before entirely repairing it. If you want to coat it with waterproof coating, you can do so.


Step #3. Removing the damaged areas

The next step you need to do is to remove the damaged areas of your cabinet. Use knives to remove them, but ensure not to hurt yourself in this process.

After that, clean the areas with powdery sections by using a vacuum or broom. If there are still wet areas or moist parts, leave them to dry.


Step #4. Adding wood fillers

In this part, you need to purchase wood fillers. By using either a knife or a scraper, apply the wood filler to the water-damaged areas.

Ensure to level the surface correctly. To make sure that the surface is already even, you need to remove excess wood fillers.


Step #5. Finishing the repair through sanding

To finish the repair process, use your fine-grit sandpaper again to smoothen the surface of your particle board cabinet.

Repairing your water-damaged particle board cabinet is easy. However, if you think there is massive damage, it would be better to buy a new one.


What If There Are Molds On The Particle Board Cabinet?

We cannot deny that molds can grow in water-damaged particle board cabinets. If not treated immediately, they can cause hazards to your family. Moreover, are you going to feed your family with foods prepared near moldy cabinets?

Here are steps on how you can get rid of molds!


Step #1. Scrape the molds

First, check the number of molds present in your cabinet. If there are a lot of them, using a spray won’t do. Using a knife, carefully scrape the molds out of the cabinet.


Step #2. Ensure ventilation in the workplace

If your place has windows or vents, ensure to open them. Bleach solutions can produce a foul odor, so make sure to have air coming into your area. Otherwise, you can experience suffocation from intense smells.


Step #3. Spray the area with bleach

Prepare bleach and water for making the solution. Mix one cup of bleach to one gallon of water. If necessary, you can also use stronger bleach in cleaning the place.


Step #4. Start the repair

After the cleaning process, proceed to the repair process. You can follow the instructions above.


Can You Make A Particle Board Cabinet Waterproof?

You are always free to make your particle board cabinet waterproof. You can use waterproof coating, varnish, and seals. Moreover, you can also put laminates to protect your furniture from water damage.


How Long Can A Particle Board Cabinet Last?

Usually, particle board cabinets can last for three to five years. However, its lifespan depends on how well you can take care of it. If you know how to maintain its quality, expect that it will have a longer span.

When repairing a particle board cabinet, you should consider its age. If you think it is already in its fifth year of usage, it would be better to purchase a new one. Older cabinets are more prone to damages.


Can You Move Your Particle Board Cabinet?

Moving your particle board cabinet will not be easy. Placing it from one place to another is not advisable because people usually assemble most of them in one place.

If you want to move your particle board cabinets, you can hire professional moving companies. However, ensure to ask if they have the license and insurance for doing this. Consider their insurance coverage before hiring one.

Otherwise, if there are conflicts while moving your furniture and they did not comply with their insurance coverage, you can hire a lawyer to fix the problem.



You can now start fixing since you already know how to repair water-damaged particle board cabinets. You only need to sand it, remove damaged areas, and add wood fillers. By following this process, you can make your cabinet good as new!

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