3 Easy Steps On How To Repair Water Damaged Cardboard

Knowing how to repair water damaged cardboard is necessary because cardboards have many uses. To fix them, you have to dry them first.

Drying cardboards is crucial, and you will learn why below. Apart from repairing and drying cardboards, this article will tackle ways to protect your cardboard box and whether or not you can get insurance for your cardboard box.

how to repair water damaged cardboard


Steps On Repairing Water Damaged Cardboard

Cardboards, no matter what they house, are vulnerable to water. They become crumbly when they’re wet, which would then endanger the items they house.

If your item is priceless and rare, a wet cardboard box may make it less valuable. Considering all this information, here are the steps on repairing water-damaged cardboard:


Step #1. Remove the items inside

It would be counterproductive to try to fix your wet cardboard while risking the items it contains. This is why the first thing you have to do is remove everything in the cardboard boxes.


Step #2. Air dry

This is an easy and clutter-free solution in fixing cardboard boxes. You can choose to flatten your cardboard then hang it over your clothesline. You can also clip it on the clothesline to secure it better.

Drying takes time. On average, it takes about two to four weeks.


Step #2.1 Freeze

If air drying can’t be done due to the weather, then you can opt to freeze your cardboard as soon as possible. If the cardboard box can fit inside a ziplock bag, place it in there. Then, place them in a cooler with a temperature below -23 degrees Celsius (-10 degrees Fahrenheit).

After freezing them, you can take them out from the cooler. Then, air dry them. You have to freeze your wet cardboard if you can’t air dry them because it will keep the paper fibers from warping, preserving your cardboard.


Step #3. Glue

If your cardboard still comes apart in layers even after drying, then you may need to glue the layers together. Use white glue sparingly on each layer.

Also, place a rigid surface in each layer to stabilize the sheet. After gluing the layers together, clamp the edges or place the cardboard below a heavy object (e.g., hardbound books).


Can you recycle wet cardboard?

If you plan on recycling wet cardboard by itself and with no drying done, then no. Whether you donate it in a recycling facility or use it in your household, it would not serve its purpose well. If you contribute it to recycling facilities, it may even do more damage than good as it may clog up the sorting machines.


How to get rid of cardboard mold?

Wet cardboards are perfect environments for mildew growth, so it is necessary to dry them. First, dry the cardboards to eliminate the moisture, which allows the mold to grow.

Then, we can proceed in removing the mold spores. Brush the mold off the surface of the cardboard with a broom. Be careful in brushing the mold as you may accidentally spread the mold spores in unaffected areas.

After removing surface mold, fetch your rubbing alcohol and soak a clean cloth in it. After washing the fabric in the cleaning solution, wipe the cardboard’s surface with it.

If the mold has penetrated the cardboard, pour a bleach solution just enough to wet the cardboard but not too much that it becomes soggy.

After removing both the surface and deep mold, air dry the cardboard. Better to place it under the sun to completely kill the mold.


How to protect your cardboard box?

Since we have established that cardboards are valuable, it is only natural to want to protect them. If you wish to preserve your cardboards, you can use these:


Pallet wrapping

Pallet wrapping is useful for cardboard boxes used to deliver parcels. This serves to protect your cardboard from water damage.


Laminated covers

Like pallet wrapping, laminated covers shield your cardboard box from water damage. This one specializes in protecting every side of your cardboard box. However, when you use them, you should not leave any air pockets, so you have to strike them down.


Bubble wrap protection

This one is typical protection of cardboard boxes and parcels. When bubble wrap is firmly attached to cardboard, it protects the cardboard from shock and water damage.


Can you get insurance for water damaged cardboard?

Any damage to cardboard boxes may be a part of insurance coverage of cargo insurances. However, cargo insurance is not obligated, and you may choose not to get insurance for this.

Although it is good to consider because you never know what will happen as your parcel gets transported either to you or to the receiver of your package, it would be a different problem for your lawyer if you ever have to consult with a damaged parcel because you did not pay cargo insurance. Note that it is better to be safe than sorry!



Now that you know how to repair water damaged cardboard by air drying or freezing before air drying, you can proceed to recycle even your water-damaged cardboards. That is, as long as you dry them first.

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