How To Repair Water Damaged Base Cabinet Under Sink: 4 Steps

The first step in knowing how to repair water damaged base cabinet under sink is removing the items in the base cabinet. Water is notorious for its damaging properties, especially on wooden structures at home, and it’s counterproductive to try to fix these wet structures while there are things inside them.

We’ve included instructions on repairing a wet base cabinet under the sink below. We also included moisture causes, so you know what to watch out for and what leads to the water damage to your base cabinets. We also wrote how to waterproof your cabinets and how much the repair costs would be.

how to repair water damaged base cabinet under sink


Repairing Your Water-Damaged Base Cabinet


Step #1. Remove content and moisture

First, remove the items in your base cabinet. Then, check for pooling.

If there is pooling, remove it by placing towels over it. If your workspace is too small for you, you can also remove the doors of your cabinet, so you have easy access.


Step #2. Remove the base

After removing the moisture from the base cabinet, check other damp areas before removing a part of your base cabinet. Then, take away the once wet base cabinet under your sink with a hammer.


Step #3. Build a frame

After removing the base of the cabinet, you have to build a frame for your floor to sit on. Measure the height, width, and length where you want your board to sit.

Then, take an old pallet of wood and set it on the floor of your sink. Then place two, one in the front and one in the back.

If necessary, add another piece of wood on top of it to reach your desired height. Then secure both on the floor.


Step #4. Measure and cut the cabinet floor

Next, measure the floor bottom and trace it to the wood you will use as your base. Then, slip the wood in if your cabinet does not have a centerpiece. If you have a centerpiece, cut the board in half with the break falling right behind the centerpiece.

Measure the halves of the space and make sure both meet behind the centerpiece. After measuring, slip the two pieces of wood inside the cabinet.

Finally, secure them with nails. Remember to nail the floor down on existing studs so you won’t place new holes in your base.


Causes of moisture on your kitchen cabinets

Water is necessary for a kitchen. It is used for cooking, cleaning, and the like. However, it is also damaging for structures if left too long, especially if they are not waterproof.

Here are the common causes of excessive and damaging moisture in your kitchen:

  • Leak from faucets
  • Leak from refrigerators
  • Flooding dishwasher
  • Overflows
  • Ruptured pipes

If you maintain these, you will be able to protect your wooden structures from water damage.


How do you waterproof the cabinets under your sink?

After knowing the common causes of excessive moisture on your cabinets, you can choose to do the following to protect them.


Seal the area around the sink

First, take off the old sealant by scraping it off the sink’s edges. You can also use Unibond Silicone Sealant Remover to break up the bond of the adhesive.

After removing the old sealant:

  1. Use a damp cloth and wipe your working area.
  2. Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the area and wipe it down with a dry cloth.
  3. Get your sealant, then apply it to the perimeter of the sink.
  4. Create a smooth layer and wipe away the excess adhesive.

Lastly, let the sealant dry before using the sink.


Seal the cabinets

Thoroughly clean your cabinets before sealing them a day before you plan on sealing them. After cleaning them and letting them dry, brush the interior of your cabinets with a wood sealer.

Cover all sides of the cabinet and cover the corners twice to cover the cracks where the wood’s corners meet. Then, cover the exterior and allow the wood sealer to sit on the wood for 24 hours.


Install under-the-sink mats

You can also add under-the-sink mats for extra protection after applying your waterproofing sealants to your cabinets. These mats are cheap, and they come in a variety of colors. They are also generally made of rubber, so water does not do much damage to them.


Cost to repair the base cabinet under your sink

According to homeowners, the cost to repair cabinets ranges from $131 to $466. The price can even go up and add about $1000 to $4100 if you include the refinishing and repainting costs. If you wish to replace the bottom of your kitchen cabinet, the cost ranges from $150 to $220.

Be sure to contact your lawyer and insurance company to ask about your insurance coverage, especially with cabinets that are water damaged. This is so you can lessen the amount you have to pay for the repairs.



You now know how to repair a water damaged base cabinet under the sink — from removing the items up to replacing the floor of your cabinet. We hope you get to use this knowledge well if you ever encounter water damage under your sink cabinets.

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