How to Remove the Back of a Raymour Flanigan Recliner Couch

Raymour and Flanigan are well-respected furniture brands that provide high-quality products to customers across the country. However, if you’re not careful with how you take care of your couch, it can develop some problems over time.

This blog post will show you how to remove the back of a Raymour Flanigan recliner couch so that it can be cleaned or repaired as needed.

how to remove the back of a Raymour Flanigan recliner couch


Steps on Removing the Back of a Raymour Flanigan Recliner Couch

Step One: Open the recliner couch with your hands, and then lay it flat. Use caution to do this so that you don’t damage or disturb any of the springs in the frame.

Some people use a screwdriver for this step, but I find that my fingers are enough to open up the back without breaking anything! To lay it flat, I gently push on the front of the couch until one side is down and then continue to do this with all four sides.

Step Two: Identify where any screws are so that you can remove them. You’ll want to use a screwdriver for this step. There should be at least six screws in the back of the couch.

You may see other screws elsewhere on the frame, but these are not needed for this step.

Step Three: Removing all six screws will allow you to remove the whole backing panel from your recliner sofa with one quick pull or tug. It should come off easily! Be careful again with the fabric and tuck it around the sides of the frame as you do this.

Now you can see how easy a back removal is for your sofa!

Step Four: Put some board or wood behind the recliner to replace what was just removed, so that when somebody sits on it they don’t feel any interruptions in the fabric.

Step Five: Enjoy your new couch!


Reattaching the Arm Rest

You may need to reattach the armrests if you want them back on, but it’s a simple process of lining up the holes and screwing in two screws per side into their pre-existing mounting points.

The other end of each armrest is attached with a screw to the arm of the sofa.

Remove any fabric from the arms and poke through with a Phillips head screwdriver or nut driver, then use an adjustable wrench to tighten it down securely.

Keep in mind that you may need new screws if they are old and have been misused over time. Don’t reuse them because they could strip out and cause your armrests to fall off.

Reattach all of the other pieces that may have been removed during this process, such as seat cushions, back cushions, or any pillows you might have had on top.

And voilà! You’re done with removing the back of a raymour Flanigan recliner couch.


What is Raymour Flanigan Recliner Couch?

Raymour Flanigan Recliner Couch is a kind of sofa in which the back can be reclined to provide a more comfortable seating position. The couch will usually have two armrests on either side that pivot out and down to create an L shape with the seat, making it easy for people to get up without having to move them back and armrests.

Raymour Flanigan Recliner Couch is a part of the furniture in the living room, bedroom, study hall, etc. It can be made with fabric or leather so it’s warm enough even when there are cold days outside. The model usually features thick cushions that make you sink into them after long hours of working.

The recliner couch has a lot of benefits: the back can be adjusted to find an angle that’s most comfortable for you, it will provide a more relaxing place to sit (and sometimes sleep) than just sitting on your old sofa, and if you have pets they may like resting their heads on the armrests instead of your lap.


How to Prevent Tear and Wear on Raymour Flanigan Recliner Couch

The raymour Flanigan Ruhlman recliner couch is durable, it can last for years and not be damaged. There are some ways to make sure your furniture stays in a good shape:

– use covers on all upholstery so that they don’t get dirty or wet when you’re not home

– vacuum with a brush attachment to avoid damaging the fabric and use leather cleaning products for any spills. Leather is more durable than fabrics, so it will last longer

– rotate your furniture every three months or when you notice that one side seems worn out before: if one side of your couch has been used always by people, then the other side will be very uncomfortable to sit on.


How do you dismantle a couch with two recliners?

It is possible to dismantle a couch with two recliners, but it will require the help of an extra person. Here’s how:

  • Remove all cushions and pillows from one side
  • Take off the back piece by pulling up on tab A while pushing down on the button
  • Repeat these steps for another side
  • Dismantle the recliners and pull them out from under the couch
  • Carry pieces to a designated area for disposal or reassembly.


How to Clean Raymour Flanigan Recliner Couches

It’s important to clean your couch regularly. To remove dirt and dust from the fabric, use a vacuum cleaner that has an upholstery attachment or follow these steps:

  • Use an old toothbrush with soap to scrub away dirt
  • Spray water over the area again and use a dry towel to remove excess water
  • For stubborn stains, moisten the cloth with rubbing alcohol and scrub.
  • Use stain remover on spots that have not been removed
  • If the fabric is still wet, place towels over areas and let the air dry.
  • For hair spray residue, wipe away with an old toothbrush or a damp cloth.
  • For watersports, use a dry towel to rub away excess moisture and then Let the fabric air dry.KKKKKKKK

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