How To Remove Star Base From Office Chair: 4 Easy Steps

Office chairs face varying problems, so basic knowledge like how to remove star base from office chair may serve you well when you need to fix your office chair’s base.

Removing a starbase from an office chair is not difficult. It only involves removing your chair’s pins and washers. However, to help you learn more, we’ve included a guide on office chair replacement parts as well as what you came here for how to remove a starbase and how to remove a gas lift.

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Office Chair Replacement Parts: A Guide

Office chair issues should not always lead to you buying a new chair. Instead, you can replace or repair the broken part, as this is a more environmentally-friendly option.

With this guide on office chair replacement parts, we aim to help you gauge how much effort you’ll need to repair your office chair and what to know when you’re buying replacement parts.


Easy replacement

First, we’ll talk about easy replacements. The chair parts that you can easily replace are chair casters and armrests.

Casters are easy to deal with as they can be detached and attached from the base without difficulty. In buying casters, you just need to consider larger ones to make it easier for you to roll around or smaller ones.

As for armrests, when they become too shaky or too stiff, it may be time to get them replaced. The parts you would need are replacement arms and arm pads, and you can get them from Amazon.


Medium difficulty replacement

The part for the medium difficulty replacement is the office chair base. The office chair base typically has five legs and is meant to stabilize the chair.

You can freely choose between metal or plastic base. However, apart from the type of base you should choose, consider the size as well.


Hard difficulty replacement

The parts that are considered challenging to replace are the chair base tilt mechanism and the pneumatic cylinder. It is deemed to be difficult because the ones mentioned before are effortless to do.

If you hear your chair squeak when you sit down, that is an excellent time to look for a new chair-based tilt mechanism. A suitable tilt mechanism should serve ergonomic functions and fit your chair’s specs appropriately.

When you are dealing with a faulty pneumatic cylinder, remember to not tamper with the gas lift spring because it may lead to your chair exploding. Also, in buying a new pneumatic cylinder, measure your current cylinder’s diameter first.


Steps In Replacing Star Base Of An Office Chair

After knowing about the replacement parts guide, here are the steps in removing the starbase and replacing its casters.


Step #1. Prepare the materials

The materials you’ll need in removing a starbase from an office chair are newspapers and needle-nose pliers.

Step #2. Lay it down and remove

First, lay the office chair down on the newspaper cover you’ve prepared on the floor. Then, look for the holding clip at the center of the starbase.

After that, remove it using needle-nose pliers. Finally, take the clip off the piston by slightly bending it.

After removing the clip, pull off the washer around the piston located on the top of the base. Then, turn the substructure counter-clockwise and pull it out.

If you wish to replace your starbase, you can proceed to the next steps.


Step #3. Remove the casters

Set your old base flatly on the floor with the casters facing up. Then, simply pull out the casters.

If your chair has threaded wheels, then you may need an adjustable wrench to remove the casters.


Step #4. New base

After removing the casters from the old base, get the new substructure. Then, reinstall the casters.

After reinstalling the casters, set the base on the floor and line up the chair’s cylinder on the star base’s hole. Push it down and test if the chair is stable.


Removing The Gas Lift From A Star Base Office Chair


Step #1. Remove the seat and base

Take the office chair apart, remove the base using the exact instructions as the ones mentioned above. Then, unscrew the mechanism and shaft from the seat itself.

After removing both the seat and base, you will be left with the shaft and the mechanism.


Step #2. Detach the gas lift

Detach the gas lift entirely from the chair. After this, replace the gas lift.

After changing the gas lift, place the whole thing back on the seat plate with the mechanism. Flip it, and insert the shaft on the base. Then put the chair’s parts together and test if it works.



After reading this article, you are expected to learn more about the office chair’s parts, how to remove starbase from office chair, and how to remove the gas lift from the starbase. We hope the information we’ve written in this article will be able to help you with any of your office chair-related concerns.

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