Home Care 101: How To Remove Mildew Smell From Brick Easily

Homeowners have been dealing with a lot of mildew issues lately, and one among those is how to remove mildew smell from brick. The problem won’t be solved unless you know the roots.

To meet the needs of homeowners, we provide this article that responds to their queries. It is more practical to search for a way out of household problems rather than leaving them behind.

how to remove mildew smell from brick

You might have considered or considered investing in bricks in building your dream house. Well, that is a practical investment, though it may be costly.

A house made of bricks can stand with different natural calamities and could last for a long time. Likewise, experts believe that bricks promote energy efficiency as it absorbs heat when the room temperature gets high.

Though bricks generate a pleasant indoor climate, you should also consider checking it. As you know, bricks might look tough but they have drawbacks too.


Mildew Smell On Bricks

You might be asking why brick gets mildew if it is made from inorganic materials that mildew would not likely host. Conceivably, construction experts consider bricks as better than other materials and desirable in minimizing the possibility of mildew growth.

Perhaps in every house, mildew has been part of many household problems. In the case of mildew on bricks.

However, it can still get infected due to the high adaptability of mildew in various environmental conditions.

Because of the structure of brick, it is prone to mildew growth due to the cracks and spaces where dirt build-up takes place. Over time, mildew feed on this dirt which allows mildew to multiply.

Mildew on brick could be hard to spot by your naked eye, until you perceived a musty smell. You may also notice a dull atmosphere once mildew starts to smell like old books, the basement, dank cabinets, and even used socks.

Therefore, knowing how to clean mildew off brick is the primary way to get rid of mildew smell from brick.


Tips To Get Rid Of Mildew Smell Off Bricks

By reaching this point, you will be able to grasp basic household knowledge in getting rid of the mildew smell off bricks.


1. Cleaning the brick

First thing first, eliminating the cause of the problem is the best approach that you can do. Mildew might be hard to find, but it can be cleaned easily and conveniently.

There are different methods in cleaning bricks with mildew and it depends whether interior or outdoor bricks. Brushing and vacuuming the brick walls are the most convenient way indoors, while a pressure washer is applicable for outdoor use.

In cleaning interior brick walls, you must be equipped with basic protective gear like a face mask, eyeglasses, and gloves to prevent direct contact with mildew spores. Also, it would lessen the risk of possible mildew-related irritations by inhaling mildew spores.

By using a vacuum, you will not just get rid of mildew spores but also that attached dirt. After that, you may choose to spray some air conditioners or essential oil for a fresh ambiance.


2. Spraying mildew killer

There are various mold and mildew remover products that are available in various markets and online stores. In addition, products that are intended to kill mildew vary in formula, application, and base because some contain strong chemicals that can irritate.

Still, all of those are claiming effectiveness in killing mildew, but you would like to try it out, better read product reviews first. Finding the best mildew killer might be trial and error, but once you find an effective one, it would be your sidekick in dealing with mildew problems.

In spraying mildew killers, keep in mind to stay away from kids or to any person with health concerns, such as asthma or other respiratory diseases. Once done spraying brick walls, you may also spray some air disinfectant or sterilizer.

You would also like to consider reading how to get rid of mildew smell naturally.


3. Good ventilation

Ventilation plays a major role in keeping the indoor atmosphere clean and free from contaminants. For mold and mildew, they could spoil any areas in your home without proper ventilation.

When there is too much humidity, mildew can grow easily like what happened to a smelly brick. Along with that, your home can develop unpleasant air due to everyday activities like cooking, and the introduction of pollutants.

Therefore, homeowners need to have proper ventilation in areas where there are bricks. To get natural ventilation, open doors, and windows to let fresh air in.

This practice is energy efficient and sustainable.

However, there are innovative ways of cleaning the air and one of which is the use of a dehumidifier. It is ideal for reducing the possibility of mold and mildew while ensuring a clean atmosphere.

Keep in mind that when you use a dehumidifier, you have to change the air filter at least four times a year.



Keeping your home clean helps build a positive atmosphere. Yet, being clean doesn’t just pertain to physical aspects of your home, but also to the ambiance that your home gives.

By knowing how to remove mildew smell from brick, you’ll be able to improve the freshness of your home while ensuring a clean and safe place for you and your family.

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