How To Remove Hair From Office Chair Wheels In 2 Easy Steps

There are two steps on how to remove hair from office chair wheels. You can choose to remove the hair by first disassembling the wheels.

You can also extract the hair without taking apart the wheels. It may sound hard, but fear not, because this article will show you both methods!


Why should you clean your office chair wheels?

Before anything else, it’s crucial to know why you need to keep your office chair wheels clean. The main reason is that dirt and hair buildup makes it hard for the wheels to roll smoothly. Since the wheels keep the chair moving, keeping them clean should be a priority!

People often forget to clean their office chair wheels. If you’re guilty of neglecting your office chair wheels, don’t worry. It isn’t too late to get your wheels in tip-top shape before getting your work done.


How Do You Remove Hair From Office Chair Wheels?

Hair is tougher to remove than dust and debris. It takes a bit more effort, though. Here’s how to remove those pesky strands,


Step #1. Preparation

Begin by protecting the floor that you’ll be working on. You can do this by placing a plastic sheet on the floor. The plastic sheet will catch the hair and dirt that you’ll remove from the office chair wheels.

Once the floor is protected, you can now turn the chair with its legs facing up. If this isn’t possible, you can also turn the chair to its side. By doing this, you can easily access the wheels of the chair.

Get comfortable because you’ll need a few minutes to clean these wheels. It might take even longer if this is your first time cleaning them!


Step #2. Hair removal

Now that the chair is in a good position, it’s time to remove the hair. There are two ways you can use to tackle the problem.


Disassembling office chair wheels

You can choose to disassemble the office chair wheels, then remove the hair inside. Most office chairs have casters. What are casters?

Casters are assemblies that contain the office chair wheel and a bracket. Think of it like a wheel and its casing. If you open the wheel’s casing, you can get rid of the hair easily.

You can disassemble the caster to access the deep-seated dirt and hair that’s clogging the wheels. It’s simple, too!

Depending on the model, you can disassemble the office chair wheels by carefully pulling its casters apart. If your wheels are old and rusty, you might need to use a screwdriver as a pry bar to pry the casters apart.

Once you’ve pried the caster wheels open, removing the hair will now be a piece of cake. Just use your fingers to take out the strands of hair that you find inside the caster wheels.

When you’ve removed the hair from the wheels, you can opt to soak the wheels in soap and water to clean them further. Once they are dry, you can reassemble and reattach the wheels by popping them back into place.


Without disassembling office chair wheels

What if you can’t remove the wheels? Don’t panic! You can still get those stray hairs out of your wheels.

Be prepared to put in a little more effort, though. The first step to getting rid of these troublesome hair strands is by using your fingers. Try to pull out all of the strands that you can.

After doing this, you’ll need a few more tools to remove the hairs in your office chair wheels. You can use tweezers to pinch and pull out the hair strands that are on your wheels. Tweezers can help you reach the little nooks and crannies of your wheels.

If tweezers aren’t enough, you can use strong adhesive tape wrapped around a stick. Like waxing, hair will stick to the tape. This can be done with the tweezer method to remove even more hair.

Once you’re satisfied with the results, simply put the chair back in place. Don’t forget to tidy up your work area!


When should you clean your office chair wheels?

It’s advised that you clean your wheels every six months. However, if you notice your wheels aren’t rolling smoothly, then it’s time to give them a thorough clean.

The dirt and hair won’t build up if you clean your wheels regularly. You can also avoid damage to your wheels by keeping them clean. Clean wheels not only look pleasing but also prolong your chair’s lifespan.



An office chair’s wheels are one of its most vital parts. Without them, you won’t be able to glide around the workspace easily. That’s why you should clean your wheels properly.

Hair, however, is more difficult to remove than dirt. With these two methods, you can now make sure that your wheels are free from hair! Now that you know how to remove hair from office chair wheels, it’s time to get rid of those pesky hairs!

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