How To Remove Bed Liner? 4 Easy Steps To Follow!

How to remove bed liner? This task can be hard because bed liners are made long-lasting and durable.

May it be a roll-on or spray-in bed liner, it is equally difficult to r emove them.

How to remove bed liner

But do not worry because we will provide you with easy ways to do it.

Before that, let us first know why do you need to remove your bed liner.


3 Reasons To Remove Bed Liner

Most people thought that a bed liner need not be removed ever.

But it might not be the case.

Some bed liners are made of low-quality material so you will be required to replace them.

So, how to remove bed liner?

Below are common issues of bed liners:


#1. Staining

Commonly, staining occurs due to oil, grease, and water spots.

So you need to clean it regularly to prevent those stains to stay in your bed liner permanently.

Make sure to get rid of all the debris and dirt trapped.

For as long as you take care of your bed liner properly, staining will not be an issue for you.


#2. Peeling and cracks

In case your bed liners have issues including bubbles, peeling, and cracks this can be covered by the warranty.

But this will only be applied if you bought it from the original manufacturer.

However, if you purchase a used one, then you won’t get warranty coverage.


#3. Fading

Bed liners, particularly the low-quality ones can fade due to UV radiation.

The sun causes its chemicals that produce the color of the bed liner to break down.

So it is best to opt for a bed-liner with UV resistance capability.


4 Steps To Remove Bed Liner

Before anything else, gather the equipment and tools that you will need first. Below is the list:

  • Grinder
  • Hear gun
  • Hammer & chisel
  • Chemical stripper


Step #1. Evaluate your bed liner

Before you start, it is crucial for you to figure out the particular materials of your bed liner as well as how you will be doing it.

Take some time to inspect your bed liner’s overall condition.

Perhaps, you will see some bubbles and flakes, then it can be easy to remove.

But if your bed liner still looks perfectly intact, then this task can be a challenge for you.


Step #2. Preparing the area

It is also a good idea to prepare the area where you intend to work as well as yourself.

You need to wear clothing that can protect you from any hazardous materials.

More so, you have to choose a space wherein there are to items that might be affected.

Also, work somewhere with sufficient ventilation.


Step #3. Remove the liners using chemical products

The chemical products will make the process of removing the bed liner easier.

For instance, you can use some urethane remover like Peel Away.

Pour it onto your liner and allow it to soak for ten to fifteen minutes.

The thinner will soften it making it easier for you to scrape it off.

Aircraft strippers can also be effective for other bed liners.

This is a potent kind of chemical stripper that a lot of people recommend.

You might as well utilize an Aircraft Remover as this is effective in stripping away paint.

It can also be used to melt the plastic.

Remember that it is crucial to use the chemical wisely.

Just paint it gently onto the bed liner. Then, let it soak for a few minutes.

If you notice that it loosens up already, you can begin scraping it away.

Take note that you will need more patience here, as it might require numerous coatings.

You have to take time in removing your bed liner. Otherwise, you might damage the truck bed.


The Alternatives

Aside from using chemicals, you can also use different tools and equipment to get the job done.

Try to apply the following methods.


#1. Using a grinder

There could be thicker sections that you need to remove.

Usually, people wouldn’t want to use chemical products for this.

Even though the process will take more time, this will still work.

You can try using your angle grinder that has a wire wheel.

Remember that it will need more patience to be completed.


#2. Using chisel and heat gun

You might as well take your chisel and heat gun in removing the bed liner.

Simply heat the pieces of the bed liner, and you can chisel them slowly.

Although this is a more aggressive approach than using a paint scraper, it will be done quicker.

Keep in mind that you need to angle your chisel right. Or else, the bed will have dents.


#3. Sand it

Once done with the processes above, you must not forget to sand anything that is left behind.

Depending on your particular situation, you can either use heavy-duty sanding or minimal smoothing to get rid of the bed liner’s final pieces.


It’s A Wrap!

How to remove bed liner?

After discussing the entire process of removing the bed liner, you might think that it is already daunting.

And yes, this involves a lot of work. But with a few more ounces of patience, you can get this chore done.