How to Remove Back of Recliner Loveseat

For whatever reason – moving across the room, across town, or across the country – you may need to remove and reinstall the back of a recliner loveseat. So, how to remove back of recliner loveseat?

What is a Loveseat?

Loveseats are small two-seat sofas that were originally designed as a larger version of the armchair. Loveseats are typically paired with larger couches in living room or family room furniture setups

how to remove back of a recliner loveseat

The loveseat, despite its name, was not designed to accommodate couples or lovers. Its original purpose was to provide more room for women to sit in their large and lavish gowns. 

As fashion changed, so did the use of the loveseat, which became the ideal piece of furniture for two people to converse in close quarters. 

Reclining Loveseat

The majority of reclining loveseats are power reclining loveseats, which require no additional physical effort to operate the reclining functions. A typical reclining loveseat will have a readily accessible button integrated onto one side of its design, generally beneath the armrest. 

Some models also include a remote control. Many power models also allow you to adjust the position of the headrest for the ultimate in ergonomic comfort.

How to Remove Back of Recliner Loveseat? 

Most reclining loveseats and couches have the option of removing the back to make the furniture easier to lift and move. While the methods are essentially the same, slight variations exist depending on the manufacturer of the furniture. 

Some have thumbscrews, locking tabs, or clips that must be released before the back can be removed.

The Berkline Reclining Loveseat

When you need to move your Berkline recliner, you’ll need to remove the back to get it through the door. The removal of the back allows the loveseat to be carried and maneuvered more easily.

Roll the chair or couch away from the wall and onto its front lower panel. Pull the lower bottom of the upholstered fabric or leather chair away from the chair where it is connected using hook-and-loop tape.

Then, fold it across the back of the loveseat to reveal the mechanism. Look for metal tabs or thumb screws midway between the arms and the lower bottom of the couch. Turn the thumbscrews counterclockwise to remove them. 

To unlock the mechanism on a loveseat with metal locking tabs, grab the tabs firmly and press them forward while drawing the bottom half of the chair back, straightening the back, and getting out of the chair. To get the back off the brackets, you may need to gently rock it back and forth.

Back Removal of  a La-Z-Boy

La-Z-Boy recliners have a lockable back that is simple to remove once you know how. A flat-headed or slotted screwdriver is required for the procedure. Hook-and-loop tape secures the upholstered back to the chair base on reclining chairs with loose upholstery.

In an away-from-the-wall position, roll the chair forward onto its front to make the back more accessible. To gain access to the back, detach both sides of the strip at the bottom. Next, look for the brackets that lock the loveseat back on either side near the arms on the internal part of it. 

Then, With the screwdriver, pull the levers that lock the mechanism between the back of the chair and the back of the arm on both sides of the chair. Return the loveseat to its upright position. 

Now,  Grab the top of the chair back on both sides and gently lift the chair back. Lastly, to remove the brackets from their tracks, you may need to rock the loveseat back and forth slightly from side to side.

Simmons Reclining Loveseat

Lift up the upholstered fabric from the bottom where it is attached with hook-and-loop tape while the Simmons reclining loveseat or couch is fully upright, allowing enough room to access the back of the loveseat.

Roll the fabric up and over the back of the chair to keep it from getting in the way. Using a slotted or flat-headed screwdriver, pry open the tabs that hold the back in place.

Then, Pull up on the chair back with the locking tabs released to remove it from its brackets. Lastly, before you can remove the back, you may need to lift one side slightly and then the other, walking the chair back up the brackets.

To install the Back again. The reinstallation procedure is the inverse of the removal procedure:

Line up the brackets on the chair back over the brackets on the bottom half of the chair; this may require some maneuvering to line up the brackets evenly, as one set of brackets may slide in or over the other, depending on the manufacturer.  

After you’ve slid the back into place, tighten the thumbscrews or adjust the levers or tabs to secure the chair’s back.


Moving your recliner chair should no longer be a difficult task now that we’ve covered how to remove  back of a recliner loveseat. You also don’t have to worry about injuring yourself, your recliner, or any other property while moving it.

Also, remember to plan ahead of time by measuring and comparing the size of your recliner to the size of your new location. You should be able to understand each step with the help of this guide.


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