How To Quit Your Job After Maternity Leave

How to quit your job after maternity leave? This is a common question for new moms. However, in this blog post, we will discuss that.  The first thing you will need to do is talk about your plans with the head of HR.

This person can help you understand some things, like what benefits are available during maternity leave and how much money an employee who quits their job gets back in terms of company contributions towards retirement or medical expenses.

how to quit your job after maternity leave

You should also ask them if there are any other opportunities for paid time off that would be helpful; this could include sick time, vacation days, sabbaticals, parental care paydays (one day per week), or even taking unpaid family leave after a certain amount of work hours have been completed by someone on staff.

Unfortunately, not all companies offer these types of perks though so make sure to check beforehand!


Can you be denied maternity leave?

Unfortunately, yes. Some employers may be against pregnancy and refuse to give maternity leave even if the employee is entitled to it by law. If your employer doesn’t want you pregnant in their company then they will not keep you on after discovering that you are expecting a baby.

Unfortunately, for this reason, some women choose to quit jobs before finding out whether or not they’re pregnant because of fear of discrimination.

Pregnancy discrimination falls under Title VII (which protects employees from unlawful employment practice) and includes such behaviour as refusing time off work when an expectant mother needs medical care; terminating her employment simply because she became pregnant; forcing her onto mandatory unpaid leave, or denying job opportunities based upon sex stereotypes about what kind of duties should only be performed by men.


What is a standard maternity leave policy?

A standard maternity leave policy is considered to be anywhere between 12-16 weeks, however; only 50% of women are getting paid during this amount of time. This can make it very difficult for mothers in the workforce because their income isn’t consistent with that of others who work full-time.

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A company could compensate employees for part or all (or none) of their lost wages while away on unpaid maternity leave, but many organizations do not offer any type of monetary compensation at all which makes having a child much more expensive than one might expect!

That’s why it’s important to take advantage and plan before becoming pregnant so you know how long your current job will allow you to stay out without worrying about losing your position completely when you’re ready to come back.


How long do doctors recommend for maternity leave?

Taking about six months off is the usual recommendation. Since maternity leave is a fairly recent development, there isn’t much research on how long it should be for women to return to work and take care of their children at home.

However, experts agree that giving new mothers around three months before returning to work would make them more prepared and help ease the transition process from home life to office/work environment.


What month should you do maternity pictures?

Maternity pictures should be done in the third trimester, which is around 28 weeks. This way your belly looks big and you look like a mom-to-be!

You also want to wait until after you have found out if it’s a boy or girl so that clothing doesn’t need to be chosen based on gender. The best time of day for maternity photos is midday when the sun isn’t too bright but there are still long shadows.


How pregnant should you be for maternity photos?

Maternity photos should be taken during the second trimester, which is between weeks 14 and 27. The best time to take maternity portraits is in spring or early summer when there’s a longer window of daylight and flowers are blooming.

You don’t want your pregnant belly too big for pictures yet either! You will probably still look like you have a pretty good amount of baby weight; it’s better to get them done before that extra weight starts taking over (around week 30) because then they’ll appear even bigger than what looks like “normal” size pre-pregnancy. There goes the idea of trying not to gain any pregnancy weight at all. So just try & enjoy this stage while it lasts!


How can I take maternity pictures at home with my iPhone?

Maternity pictures can be taken at home or anywhere you feel comfortable. If your partner has a DSLR, then that is great! You will need to take photos of yourself and the baby bump. For it to look professional, ask someone close to you if they would take some maternity photoshoots with their camera phone too.

Be sure to have plenty of props around such as cute hats, headbands and fabric in different colours etc. By having a variety of images from each side front and back view along with angles it will make an amazing gallery that you can easily share on social media sites like Facebook & Instagram.

As always keep in mind lighting when taking any images whether indoors or outdoors so select your location accordingly! Happy picture shooting!


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