An In-Depth Guide On How To Put Air In A Stroller Tire

In this article, we will go over how to put air in a stroller tire, and what you should be looking for so that you can do it without any trouble!

It’s one of the most common problems that parents have when they are out and about with their kids. What was once an easy task has become more difficult because of all the new designs on strollers, but it is not impossible.

How To Put Air In A Stroller Tire


Steps on How To Put Air In A Stroller Tire

The first thing to do is put the pump nozzle right in between the handle and tire, then screw it on. You will need about 20 pumps for a regular-sized stroller tire, if you are using more than one of your hands then just count out loud!   

The second step is to use an air compressor or have someone else help you by pumping while you guide. It can be difficult when doing this part alone so make sure that there is somebody around who can keep up with the workload for both ends of the hose.

Third step: Once full turn off valve (it should not take too many turns). If all went well there should now be enough pressure to open up those tires like a balloon.

Fourth step: Finish by inspecting the tires for any possible leaks or other concerns, then go on your merry way!

If you are using an air compressor make sure to use one that is designed specifically for this purpose such as those found at most stores like Walmart and Target. Using these will allow you to fill up both of those tires with ease without worrying about hurting it in some way too much.


How do you pump a pram wheel? 

Step 1. To pump a pram wheel, you first need to find the valve for it. In most cases, this will be on one of the back wheels (the ones that are not used when pushing from behind).

You can usually tell because there is an air hole in those tires where they enter into the rim and if you look closely at them, you might see some slight movement as well. The tire should also have its own side-specific cap with two or four holes to match up with each of your fingers.

Step 2. After locating both valves and caps then twist off whichever one does not correspond to what hand/fingers your using so it won’t get mixed up later. Now place your corresponding hands over the top of the valve, one hand on each side of the rim.

Step 3. Now pinch it by squeezing your hands together and rotate them in a circular motion until you feel some pressure from within the tire.  

Step 4. Finally, release your grip and twist off the cap with either fingers or thumb to check if there is any air left inside (if so then close up that hole with whichever finger does not have an adjacent metal nail). Now repeat this process for the other wheel as well.


How are stroller tires measured?   

Unlike in a car, the tires on your stroller can’t be measured using just one linear measurement. To find out what size of the tire is needed for your stroller, you will need two measurements: length and width.  

As with any product that uses metric units or millimetres (mm) as its standard unit of measure, it’s important not to confuse these measures when ordering replacement parts for your stroller because they are different from inches or centimetres.

For example, if you want an 11 mm wide by 330 mm long tire then make sure you know how large those numbers mean before placing an order!

Now let’s talk about some common sizes found on many brands’ products today. If I were  to search for a tire on, I would find that they offer tires in the following sizes: – 13 mm x 390 mm  – 17mm x 430 mm  – 25mm x 450 mm


How do you take a stroller tire off?    

To remove the tire from your stroller, you will need to use a tool called a “spoke key” which is typically included with most bike kits. The spoke key comes in handy for tightening and loosening bicycle spokes but it can also be used on small screws found around the wheel of your stroller.

With this said, there are two places where you may find these screws: under the front or back wheels or near one of the rear legs/wheels. If those don’t work then try looking at any bolts that might connect metal

brackets like ones found hanging down between each leg (typically located just below where handlebars would be). These should pop right off once unscrewed with the right tool.

The thing to remember is that bicycle spokes are located in a straight line and airless tires have one wheelset higher than the other which would mean you’ll need to take off both of these screws before proceeding.

If your tire doesn’t seem very tight then use some sort of lubricants like WD40 or baby oil (which has an added benefit when it comes time for inflating).

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