How To Prevent Mold In Ice Machine: Easy 4-Step Guide

If you own one, it will benefit you to know how to prevent mold in ice machine. The cold, chilly, and icy interior of an ice machine does not seem like an ideal home, but all kinds of toxins and mold think otherwise.

As convenient as ice machines are, proper maintenance and cleaning are necessary to ensure it is mold-free for optimum function. Read through this article to know the step-by-step procedure to keep mold off your ice machine for good. 

how to prevent mold in ice machine


Why Does Mold Grow On Ice Machines?

If you want to prevent your ice machines from getting mold, you will need to know why and how it grows in the first place.

Dirty water is one of the main reasons for its growth. As residue from contaminated water is transmitted on your machine’s side, it could result in mold growth.

Mold typically grows on ice machines because they do not maintain freezing temperatures. 

While you might find it surprising that mold can grow in freezing temperatures, it is pretty common. Take freezer mold, for instance. 

To know more about it, here is an article about how to clean mold from the freezer.

Nutrient-rich air, which is found in bars, bakeries, and restaurants, allows mold to grow exponentially. This environment has a lot of sugar and yeast from wine, beer, bread, and other food. 

These particles saturate and invade the air and eventually enter your ice machine, providing an almost endless supply of moisture and food for mold.

Microbial growth also flourishes if you keep ice machines in dark and damp areas. Forgetting to clean and sanitize the bin at least once a week also is a possible reason. 


Steps On Preventing Mold In Your Ice Machine

The best way to make sure your ice machines do not catch mold is by ensuring it would not happen in the first place. It is possible by performing regular cleaning and maintenance.


Step #1. Thoroughly clean your ice machine 

At the first sign of mold, immediately clean your ice machine. It is a way to limit growth.

Mold grows fast, so you will need to take action immediately. You can check this article to know more about how fast mold grows.

Before cleaning, make sure to drain the water and unplug your ice machine.

You can either create your solution or purchase one. You can make a solution with 20% chlorine and 80% water and pour it into a spray bottle.

Spray the solution on contaminated areas. Wipe the areas if needed to remove the contaminants altogether.

Clean the ice basket, scoop, and other removable parts with mild dish soap. Set them aside to dry.

Wipe the exterior parts using a soft cloth and warm, soapy water—dry using a clean towel. Ensure that all mold and residue are gone and that the interior of the ice machine is thoroughly cleaned. 


Step #2. Keep air filters clean

Air filters are your primary line of defense against mold growth as it traps numerous particles that mold feeds on. To prevent mold from growing, you must clean your air filter at least once a week.

Cleaning it is relatively easy. Spray some warm water and rinse away dirt. 


Step #3. Install ozone generator

Another means to prevent mold growth is by installing an ozone generator. This device releases ozone gas inside your ice machine.

Lightning and sunlight generate ozone gas. It acts as an intense sanitizer that can work 3000 times faster than chlorine.

Ozone not only hinders mold growth but also keeps out other harmful contaminants.  


Step #4. Regularly maintain your ice machine

To keep your ice machine mold-free, ensure that you clean it at least once a month. Keeping your ice machine clean from building residue will undoubtedly help keep mold far away.

Make sure that you unplug your ice machine if you will store it away for long periods. To properly keep your ice maker, wash the unit thoroughly and dry it using a dry rag.

You can fill the water reservoir with pure and clean water only. Using dirty water can damage your ice machine. 


Is Mold In An Ice Machine Dangerous For You?

Dangerous might be a bit of a strong word to use, but it can be harmful to an extent. Mold is not particularly dangerous to healthy individuals with an average immune system.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about people with immunosuppressive conditions. They are highly advised to avoid mold anytime they can and are able.

To protect them, keeping the ice machine clean and mold-free is of utmost importance. While mold does not present any immediate health risk, they are incredibly gross and unhygienic. 


What Are Signs Of Mold Growing On Ice Machines?

Mold is easy enough to identify — they are forms of black patches. Mold can grow on the ice machine’s drop zone and into your ice supply.

The main places for mold to grow are along the machine’s sides, the water reservoir, and the lid. You must check your machine extensively for mold inside before using it, mainly if you have not used it for a long time.



At the first sign of mold, drop everything you are doing and clean it immediately to avoid growing and spreading. Regular maintenance is undoubtedly the key on how to prevent mold in ice machine.

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